Berne (Reuters) – The Swiss Federal Prosecutor’s office calls, according to media reports, the Acquisition of the costs in the failed summer fairy-process by the accused Ex-officials of the German football Association.

Furthermore, to make the former DFB President Theo Zwanziger (75) and Wolfgang Niersbach (69), as well as the former DFB General Secretary Horst R. Schmidt (78) the Association of compensation payments. The same is true for the former FIFA General Secretary Urs Linsi (70) at the world Association.

“This is the Swan song of losers, the attempt by the Swiss to BA, not to conceal a lost case, in retrospect, so that you’re completely without pants. We are under the law innocent,” cited the “image” twenties. Also “der Spiegel” reported on the request of the Federal prosecutors who accused the Quartet, to have the process taken. “For the protection of the Swiss state’s finances,” is it possible to pass on costs, even if there had been no judgment.

The process in which the key to the ominous 6.7 million Euro, which have ripped the DFB in the fall of 2015 in a deep crisis, was on 27. April failed. The allegations in connection with the 2006 world Cup (fraud or, in the case of Niersbach aid) are time-barred. Also, due to the Corona-crisis, there was no ongoing negotiation. Pending a suit by the Frankfurt public Prosecutor’s office for tax evasion before the country court in Germany. If and when a hearing is currently open.

According to the “image” is twenties view of the Federal Prosecutor’s office is “a systematic process of procrastination,” in a number of cases, as well as an “improper exercise of pressure on the Director of Proceedings, through threats and filing of unfounded criminal” accused of. Twenties replied that he was “the Only one who has twice testified. The BA just didn’t want to hear the truth, but told her tale further.” The accusation of abduction was “ridiculous”.

The court will not follow “these nonsensical requests. Therefore, you will not condemn me for damages,” said the former DFB President. “Rather, you will have to pay me for Pain and suffering. Due to a from the beginning, unworthy of prosecution.”

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