The Palatine are now plagues of debt in the amount of around € 24 million and € 15 million for the issuance of the license for the upcoming season need.

The club is aiming for, apparently, a self – administered insolvency proceedings – a so-called plan insolvency. This could to renovate the four-time German champion and the impending crash away. On Monday, the Association wants to inform management at a press conference on the economic situation and the planned steps.

FCK: creditors empty-handed

Sporty, the step has no consequences for the Red devils. The German football Association has suspended a bankruptcy petition referred to the Nine-point deduction because of the Corona-crisis. The FCK is with 44 points, currently tables-Twelfth of the 3. League. The pad to a descent rank is seven meters.

The FCK-leadership Advisory Board spokesman Markus Merk and managing Director Soeren Oliver Voigt had sought in recent weeks to find ways out of the financial crisis. The hoped-for debt restructuring did not materialize, however, because potential investors want to put their money, apparently, only after the complete renovation of the Association.

The creditors of the Bundesliga’s founding member, now threaten empty-handed. To donors – the Stuttgart – based company Quattrex, the sport marketer Lagardère and the Luxembourg entrepreneur Flavio Becca, even many supporters of the club, acquired in 2019 for a total of around three million euros a Fan of bonds include, in addition to the Main.

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