Munich of The Bayern Munich defeat Eintracht Frankfurt in a real Cup fight with a thrilling second half, with 2:1. For the Cup title defender of 2019 champion of 2018 Ivan Perisic and Robert Lewandowski met in a duel with the Cup, Danny da Costa scored the interim compensation. RUSHES – DFB-Pokal – FC Bayern beats Eintracht Frankfurt almost and is in the final

Bavaria is now calling in the Cup final on may 4. July in Berlin’s Olympic stadium, Bayer Leverkusen. On Saturday Bayern against Borussia Mönchengladbach can win the eighth championship in a row – however, without the suspended Robert Lewandowski and Thomas Müller. is The record champion in the individual critique.

MANUEL NEUER, NOTE 3: the goalkeeper in the first half, one Had values of actions call? No. The compensation by da Costa’s shot from a short distance in the corner, he was powerless. As a result, the captain missed his 33. To-Zero-game in the DFB-Cup, more a “white vest” to the eternal Cup-record of Ex-goalkeeper Oliver Kahn is missing.

BENJAMIN PAVARD, NOTE 3: , The defender of rights had the Frankfurter Chandler, instead of the locked Kostic in the left midfield parade, loose in the handle. Could therefore turn to the offensive game. In the mid-term one with a pass rate of 96 percent! Reached his first Cup final.

JEROME BOATENG, NOTE 2: The Central defender has its place in front of 80-million-Euro-shopping Hernández secure. What is the world champion of 2014, who can imagine another season under coach Flick in Munich, proves game for game. Clarified. Absolute Head The Ball Your Highness.

Alphonso Davies the best Bayern player

DAVID ALABA, NOTE 3: The defense chief, the first build-up player out of defence. Most recently, with smart long balls on the wings, about to Perisic. In the back, it was the Austrians are probably too boring for you, what changed after the break. Not looked at the 1:1 in terms of position, the game against Frankfurt, Kamada well.

ALPHONSO DAVIES, NOTE 2: 29. Game in a row that the 19-Year-old is in the starting lineup. And the Canadians kick more away, as there is no pressure, no continuous load and no doubt about it. His sharp bills didn’t have time to Coman full. By Flicks double change after an hour suddenly left, top preparation for the 2:1. The Best Of Bayer. AP Alphonso Davies was once again one of the most striking Bayern players

JOSHUA KIMMICH, NOTE 2: The sixers with an Offensive drive, the Lord of most of the Standards. His corner Miller headed almost to the leadership. Had to be treated after an hour due to a blood tear wound to the head on the side line. Previously, with blood on the neck, even with a degree to be inaccurate. Good Overview, perfect template to Lewandowski 2:1.

LEON GORETZKA, NOTE 3: “Arnie” Goretzka, the mucky-man, toiled as usual in the engine room, the midfield. A lot of battles, plenty of the Ball. Absolutely a presence on the court, as a result of the exchange after an hour more offensively oriented, as the ones behind Lewandowski. After the Corona break the best Bayer, this time without the large accents – but with fine Threading in the formation of 2:1.

Perisic with a strong diving header-goal

KINGSLEY COMAN, NOTE 3: this Time permanently as a lively right-winger on the go. The Frenchman with a great ball played treatment and a good Overview as he has Lewandowski in the formation of the 1:0 in the penalty area. Small film tear upon the supposed 2:0 – over nudelte the Ball in the empty goal (25.). Coach Flick, dissatisfied with Comans Output, took him 62 minutes to get out.

THOMAS MÜLLER, NOTE 3: for the eleventh Time in a DFB Cup semi-finals – what is a nationwide record. Scored seven goals in the Semifinals. Number eight nodded, almost with a head to the ball, the Kohr from the line (6th). After that, the super template with the eye and the fine feet to Perisic before the 1:0. After an hour, he moved up to right outside. Too little incoming edges. Now, the record Cup winners ‘ Cup (with Games), moved with Sepp Maier and Gerd Müller (je 47). On Saturday against Gladbach locked.

IVAN PERISIC, NOTE 3: , the Second starting lineup for the Croats since the Corona break. Replaced the short-term because of a back contusion fancy Serge Gnabry. As a left-winger with a train in the middle, and a strong diving header hit the 1:0 (14.), his sixth goal of the season in all competitions. Built in half-second-two, was replaced after 61 minutes.

ROBERT LEWANDOWSKI, NOTE 2: Incredible misstep as the Toptorjäger Miller’s sharp in administration judged incorrectly, the Ball will not be met. Wonderful, however, Ballan and entrainment velvet degree in a action – but the Eintracht Keeper Trapp held (31.). The empty net and then scores the 2:1, now all competitions with 45 goals this season (in 39 games). On Saturday against Gladbach locked.

Thiago not toxic enough

LUCAS HERNANDEZ, GRADE 4: , The French world champion as a replacement for Perisic after 61 minutes. In six games since the Corona break with only a start-that we use. Was now in the Cup against the pressure at the end of the Frankfurt left-back to prove it. But: was late to the 1:1.

THIAGO, NOTE 4: in 4:2 in Leverkusen, making his Comeback after three weeks out through injury due to a Groin problem. Flick brought him to 62 minutes in the second half with a fragile midfield and make the ball again, safe and quiet to. He managed to barely. Not easy to grip, and toxic enough against Kamada in front of the 1:1. Preiss/Witters/Pool/Witters Thiago ( made the counter hit is not a good figure

JAVI MARTINEZ, WITHOUT a GRADE: Only the third use for the Spaniard since the start of the League after the Corona break. Against Frankfurt as a header but the ball is a strong winner after 86 minutes asked. Won an important Defensive Header.

This article was written by Patrick Strasser

study: Davies already more valuable than Messi and Ronaldo PCP study: Davies already more valuable than Messi and Ronaldo

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