This news shocked the Tölzer Land: The Lenggrieser, the mayor, Markus Landthaler, died on Thursday following a heart attack.

Lenggrieser mayor Markus Landthaler died. The 50-Year-old died of a heart attack. In may he had taken office in the Lenggrieser town hall.

Lenggries – Markus Landthaler had only been in the last March to the successor of Werner Weindl chosen. In may, the 50-year-old Free voters, who had taken office in the Lenggrieser town hall. It was due to the Corona-crisis, the beginning of turbulent times. However, Landthaler mastered the initial scores. “Already in the first Council meeting that he led, he had my respect,” says Vice-mayor Franz Schöttl . Landhaler, had worked until his election at the Tölzer police, had always been trying “to create a balance. He has always said: we’ll Talk again about that“, says Schöttl. “ depth humanity ” – that have made out country Thaler.

mayor Markus Landthaler died – Vice-mayor Franz Schöttl: “it’s Incredible for any”

Schöttl on Friday was still shaken about the news of the death of the 50-Year-old. “This is just unbelievable”, says Schöttl. “The thoughts of the municipal Council and all employees are his wife, Annett, and daughters Maria and Carolin. All wish you much strength in these difficult hours.“

Deeply about the death of the Lenggriesers also the district administrator Josef niedermaier is affected. “It really hurts.” Landthaler was a man who “has assumed the responsibility, whether the police, in the case of water rescue, or just as a local politician”. He had been in a straight line, to be 100 percent honest, and I said, “if he has something fit. He was always a human binding,“ says Niedermaier. He had listened to all the arguments and weighed everything – always in search of the best solution for all. “For the local political family this is a tragic loss.”

Markus Landthaler always tried all to bring

country Thaler Effort to find a common path, and desire for harmony had shown, especially in the weeks before the municipal election . “The election campaign” – it was nothing for him, had stressed the country Thaler again and again. “We don’t want to argue, I like that,” he said, looking at his three competitors. “I want to talk about no bad, no defamation. All the candidates for an office, want the Best for Lenggries.“

After his victory in the runoff election of the top 50 had not been happy-Year-old, therefore, only be a good result, but also the fact that the “campaign ” so fair on the stage was gone.

Günter Haubner, third mayor and leader of the Free voters in the municipal Council, is struggling in the phone call with the Tölzer courier to words. “It is a tragedy,” he says. “We are all speechless.” Landthaler was “a human friend, one who has managed to get everyone on Board,” says Haubner, who sat the past twelve years, together with the 50-Year-olds in the municipal Council. “It’s just sad. I find no better expression for it.“

Tölzer police mourns the loss of former colleagues

the Tölzer police mourns the loss of their former colleagues. “Shocked, stunned, deeply saddened,” said the Deputy inspection Manager Andreas rohrhofer summarizes the state of mind. He had witnessed the inspection is rarely as quiet as on Friday morning. Landthaler was “a Original – with corners and edges, but lovable,” says Rohrhofer. He was a been, “is for his colleagues and his friends the last shirt”.

in 1987, had started landthaler his career with the police. After stops in Geretsried and as head of the civilian group at the weilheimer Directorate of the police had the main worked Commissioner until his election to the mayor as the group leader in Tölz. Even after that he remained of the inspection to obtain at least a little bit. Because he used to continue to the archive of the Tölzer police.

The time out on the mountain want to properties Markus landthaler store

This enthusiasm for history, especially for his home municipality of Lenggries – was one of the country Thaler’s suffering. He collected everything that had anything to do with the history of the village – from old guide books about postcards and photos to brewery beer mugs.

A second passion for the mountains were. Once in a year, he took in the late summer of a sabbatical and spent four weeks on the Ross steinalm, took care of the young cattle, or wasteful work. “It’s just fun,” he had explained in the Interview at the beginning of the year. It was a time-out, the want to preserve land and Thaler also had, according to his choice – at least for one or two weeks out of the year. However, in the afternoon of the feast of corpus Christi day of the 50-Year-old suffered a heart attack. “The summoned rescuers and the Doctors at the hospital could do nothing more for him,” said Franz Schöttl.

Lenggries: mourning for Markus Landthaler – condolence book is designed

can take place due to the Corona limitations currently, there is no big funeral , the population with a condolence book to the possibility of a personal farewell . This is from Monday to Wednesday, the 15-to 19 PM in the reading room of the Lenggrieser Tourist Info. If necessary, the times can be extended. The funeral will be requested that the entrance to vulture stone street with a mask, and the prescribed distances to be observed.

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