Whether there is really such a thing as justice in football? Everything balances out at some point, we hear, every wrong decision and every Foul. But really, any lack of sportsmanship?

Not a sport operating in the whole of Bavaria. This also means: no mercury CUP this year. As reported, we need to abandon this year to the largest youth tournament in the world. We want to introduce the U-11 Teams out of the circle (see photo right). In addition, space for the things that make up, in addition to the goals and the football is now in this slow time. Things, which we have summarized in the “book of values”. In the coming weeks, we want to make some contributions. Here are three:

Recently, we have become witness to a rather questionable hero epic. A Hero was born, a radiant Hero. He saved his crew and was celebrated so like a little king. That is to say, actually he has only saved a few measly points that should not already be too significant, as it was a children’s game. And we should accept it after a long, sometimes painful learning process to finally that there results, tables and titles do not play a big role.

you Do but. At least when it comes to championship promotion and relegation. Then that will be a fight to the finish and kicked the bones to bend. And then, when a team has the victory in front of eyes, not more, but the opposing striker’s costly gorge series secretly through the defenses, then strikes the hour of the heroes. The striker, he will be celebrated because he has secured in the last Minute at least a draw. But the defensive player to slide tackle the opponent somehow from the back of the legs to bring him down, and in front of the penalty area, then it is to be a hero.

time penalty instead of a Red card

of Course it was a Foul, a pretty evil, too. Emergency brake is called, some say a tactical Foul. Something the kids week in and week out in the Bundesliga, and there it will be punished, if it is to meet with the Red card and a few Games lock. But as it is a youth game, the referee of the possibility of a time penalty for use. Five minutes, actually, Yes a joke, if only for a Minute to play.

Radiant so the sinners marching from the square, celebrated by his fellow players, his coaches and the parents, who are delighted to receive the clever boys, with a shock, better: a Kick to the hero. Definitely, you will prevent now-namely, thanks to the lucky victory, the descent, especially as the smart guy to come in the next game again and the hero may be. Time penalties are forgotten after five minutes.

Whether we find this fair, asks none. However, we have asked ourselves what the standards actually in the football is measured. As a hard-nosed professional all because of a rather harmless Remplers in the midfield, the Red card and two game suspension, a youth player who should actually be raised to the Fairness, thanks to an intentional foul, with the he prevents a goal, to be a hero.

In football there is no justice

Quite thoughtful, we came to the conclusion that there is justice, but in football. It’s like in our society, which is a mirror image of the Sport Yes: It is usually the hero who has success, no matter by what means. Not the one that fights for Fairness and justice. And this is bad, very, very bad.