In your Fox News Show, “The Ingraham Angle,” said the well-known presenter Laura Ingraham 2018 disparagingly about the NBA greats Lebron Durant, James and Kevin. “It is always unwise political advice at someone’s obtain, gets 100 million dollars in the year that he makes a Ball bounce,” said the 56-Year-old.

What had happened? In a 17-minute Interview with the television channel ESPN, the NBA Stars LeBron James and Kevin Durant had talked about life as an African American in the United States. James had ruled on President Donald Trump: “The No. 1 Job in America – the chosen Person is someone who does not understand the people.” In addition, some of the statements of the President were “ridiculous” and “scary,” the Basketball icon.

Ingraham: James and Durant “grammatically incorrect”

to draw Enough Material for the TV presenter of the conservative-oriented Fox News, the two African-American basketball sizes through the Mud. To understand “bad” and “grammatically incorrect” be the athlete. Ingraham recommended James and Durant, “to keep the mouth and dribble” – live on TV!

two years later: After the tragic death of the African-American George Floyd white NFL Star Drew Brees takes a position on possible Protest actions at football games (Colin Kaepernick kneeled down as the first NFL players during the anthem, which is played in the run-up to the games, so his Protest to the walls).

The 41-Year-old Quarterback highlights, the flag and the anthem of the United States confront never disrespectful. Brees was criticized then even by his African-American teammates violently, who accused him to have the Problem still not understood.

About white athletes, the moderator says otherwise

Like in the year 2018, with James and Durant, the TV presenter raised also now, your word, and ruled personally over Brees. Her tone sounded much more understanding: “In this matter, it revolves around more than just Football. Brees is a human being and is allowed to have his own opinion. He shall tell, what is the meaning of him, the flag and the anthem.”

Strange, is it? An African-American athlete and a white NFL Star to Express themselves politically. One should rather concentrate on the dribble, the other should openly Express his opinion. The unequal treatment in the case of the statements of the TV presenter could not be more drastic – and reveals the social grievances against which thousands of Americans are protesting.

It took only a few minutes before various US Sport sizes, picked up the two Video clippings of the TV presenter, once again the lack of equality.

the Lakers Star James posted a video message with the Slogan: “you Understand it at last?”

In the eyes of Ex-NBA-Profi Rex Chapman was the Video “pure racism”.

And Marcus Stroman, professional Baseball, New York Mets, hit it just to the point: “that’s The Problem.”

NFL Star shocked with irritating statements to protests Omnisport NFL Star shocked with irritating statements to protests