After the work is done by the Bavaria shuffle-professionals with your belongings, stowed in backpacks or bags to their cars. From the catacombs is once again out on the lawn, the bench, the Bayern from the right, left through the Marathon gate.

no Fans, No selfie hunters in the Parking lot. And bye. The first competitive home game of the club history of FC Bayern, without the Fans it was for all Involved an experience of a different kind, somewhere between absurd and surreal. As a Reporter for the evening newspaper, I’ve seen a lot of training games, even on days when only journalists of a unit were allowed to attend. imago images / M. Zettler full opened in The office of FC Bayern München in the Säbener Straße.

In a splendid Round, such as the Allianz Arena, 15 years ago, I have such a Weird, such as on a Saturday night never experienced before. A mind game with the 321 people, which are provided for the implementation of the concept of the DFL Task Force, as a new experience. Borderline. Because: beautiful and scary at the same time.

upon arrival, the body temperature is measured

Saturday, 16.30. I choose the car for the journey to Fröttmaning. Before Corona, I have always taken the U-Bahn, in spite of Require. A little something to groove to read for the game, thanks to the singing of both camps. Body to body, a Sauna-travel free. Feeling not a good feeling, but better than the annoying Wait bumper-to-bumper. This Time: Koan Jam!

The journey in the North of Munich slips just so, the hurdles lurking at the entrance to the car Park, which I otherwise like to avoid. Here, at the entrance to the S1/S0, is – as announced – in the car, a measurement of the body temperature by the Bavarian Red cross.

Bundesliga-mind game: Only the players do not wear masks

of 36.8 degrees, everything is fine. The questionnaire about my General health I and pure. In front of me and two colleagues to the right answer. What’s going on? Re fever-Check needed, was for the first measurement, to hot in the car. You follow me, quickly. With mouth-nose protection it goes directly to the press gallery, because all the media work areas are closed.

The space for the Reporter assigned to it, several feet away from me with a safety distance: in one of the other nine colleagues. Meanwhile, the three approved photographers use. The only people without a mask, the player, the make on the lawn are warm. Peter treasure / Pool captain Manuel Neuer was not happy with the Defensive performance of his team

Ten minutes before kick-off are benches the Substitution, generous in the lower tier of the main stand built, disinfected. Press spokesman Dieter Nickles will read the matter-of-factly the name of all the players. With first and last name. Without reverberation, without the anticipation, the roar of the Fans.

the stadium speaker Stephan Lehmann is not there, more staff to “nominate” was possible. It’s thoughtful, soulful, cool rain weather-appropriate music. On the classics, the club songs, not no yet.

form After all the commands have a value

In the game you can hear the commands of the player. “Good, Boys!”, defence chief David Alaba praises his French-German-Austro-canadian four. “Come on! Deliver!”, goalkeeper Manuel Neuer urges the front people.

A multi-value, this insight into the collusion. If you wander the view over the empty seat shells and large Arena-has evenings full of emotions before the mind’s eye, tears, the Clapping and Cheering of the managers and substitute players back to reality.

Thundering the Ball to the crossbar or post, it is thought, of the table under the Laptop crashes. The traditional gate-Jingle is played. Little bit everyday, at least.

imagine, a really good movie – with only a few people in the huge cinema hall. The spectacle is true, but the Popcorn is missing, the rustling, sobbing and Whispering to the other, the atmosphere.

pandemics know no Glamour. The spirit of the games run off unpretentious, sober, sterile. But that is exactly the Survival concept of the League is the main part of brand emergency generator. Everything can, nothing.

This article was BVB coach Favre written by Patrick Strasser experts to strengthen the back: “götze’s shortcoming is the Tempo” PCP experts to reinforce BVB coach Favre the back is: “götze’s shortcoming is the pace”

*The contribution of “spirit of the game-atmosphere: The great AZ-a Report from the Allianz Arena” will be published by the evening newspaper. Contact with the executives here.

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