The Release of “Grand Theft Auto 5” is already for seven years. Fans have been waiting eagerly for the next part. Publisher Take-Two has spoken now for the Release of “GTA 6” and the current speculation defused.

About “Grand Theft Auto 6” is officially not yet known. Fans and alleged Leaker to speculate but already hard-working* among other things, about a possible Release date. Publisher Take-Two has spoken out to the rumors that “GTA 6” could be delayed because of the success of “GTA Online” aware of also.

“Grand Theft Auto 5” was released in 2013 and is undoubtedly one of the most popular and successful game titles of the 2010 year. Although still numerous players playing “GTA Online”, wait for Fans already looking forward to the next part of the Franchises. How is “Grand Theft Auto 6”?

Update from the 4. June 2020: “GTA 6” will appear “when the time is right”

During an interview with Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Publisher Take-Two has responded to questions with respect to “ GTA 6 ” (via One of them was whether the Release of consciously delayed, since “GTA Online” has still so many players. However, Zelnick rejected the adoption of a decision.

According to Zelnick, it was not entitled to sit as a company and on the existing success of the rest, because the competition would otherwise be obsolete. “I prefer it [ … ] to have an edge over my competitors and always come out on the market, when the time is right for the next big thing. And I’m not Worried about the possibility that this will have a negative impact on what was already previously on the market,” said Zelnick. An internal competition-a Situation he was not worried in the most.

Zelnick cites as an example the in China, published in “NBA 2K Online”. Take-Two has published some years after the Release of the successor of “NBA 2K Online 2” and then numbers game of the predecessor not only remained the same, but even increased.

What all this says about the Release date of “GTA 6”? Zelnick has revealed no evidence about a concrete Release date . Only one thing is for sure: Take-Two will delay the release, and the next “GTA”, and then publish when the time is ripe.

Update from 28. May 2020: GTA 6 Release, but in the past? Take-Two comments on the recent speculation

Just a day after a financial analyst had found a note in the current financial report of Publisher Take-Two, denied the company to gamesindustry (via GameStar) that this indicates actual on the Release of “Grand Theft Auto 6” . The increased marketing budget was earmarked for third-party manufacturers. Rockstar Games is one of the internal developers studios of Take-Two, and is therefore not budgeted in this funding. More has not betrayed the company. While Fans must now grope in the dark, but the hopes for a earlier Release have now been re-awakened.

Update from 27. May 2020: GTA 6 – Analyst mentions estimated Release date

The rumors about “GTA 6”. keep it up and you would like to believe that Rockstar Games is planning soon a big revelation. However, new information on a possible Release time window are rather sobering.

For Publisher Take-Two expects, in the on 31. March 2024 fiscal year, 89 million dollars for the Marketing spend. The reason for this is not called. However, the amount is more than Double in the marketing budget for any other financial year in the next five years. This is one of the latest financial report of Take-Two (via Venturebeat).

The question is: Why is planning to Take-Two, in fiscal year 2024 so much more for Marketing spend? One of the most likely explanations for this is that this is the thought period of time for a big Release – more precisely, ” Grand Theft Auto 6 “.

Marketing investments indicated in the past on Release of “Red Dead Redemption 2”

Take-Two investors previously that this high sum for the Marketing is already planned for the fiscal year 2023. Now, the Publisher has laid this on 2024. A financial analyst the company Stephens indicates that such a shift in the Marketing investment a evidence for a Release of large caliber. In his report to investors States: “We are not sure how much we should read into this shift, but we would like to note that the announcement said the launch of “Red Dead Redemption 2*” prior to the announcement of this game before.”

GTA 6: Rockstar Games is not in a hurry

The notes are condensed so that “ GTA 6″ is coming at the earliest in fiscal year 2024 (April 2023 to March 2024) on the market. This is a perfectly plausible time window. Rockstar Games has no reason to hurry, since “ GTA Online ” has still a lot of players and the micro transactions are a million dollars a lottery.

in addition, Rockstar Games will have to wait and see until the Next-Gen consoles, PS5* and Xbox Series, X* established. When some time went by and more people have the consoles, it will sell “GTA 6” in even faster.

message from the 22. May 2020: a Publisher gives an Outlook on the games of the next year – GTA 6 is not in

In the network, any lot of rumors about “GTA 6” on the Release, the plot, the game world and size are circulating, but the developers of Rockstar Games still hold any official information. After all, Publisher Take-Two was> now in the context of an investors conference with an Outlook on the games-publications in the next time – more precisely, in the period between April 2020 and March 2021 (via About “GTA 6” was left, not a word case. Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick spoke also of a “thin” year in terms of new releases of Games. Meanwhile, Updates for “GTA Online” and “Red Dead Online” appear.

Would be planned until 2021 with a Release of “GTA 6” would not speak the Publisher to the investors of a “thin” year. Prior to March 2021 a Release is excluded. And even after that it will probably take a while until the next “Grand Theft Auto”part” appears.

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GTA 6: Release could still have appeared for several years in the future

The last big Blockbuster title from Rockstar Games “Red Dead Redemption 2” are in the year 2018. When you consider that between the “ GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 ” five years ago, is it possible that we can expect for the next “Grand Theft Auto”, with a similar waiting time. That would mean a Release in the year 2023 .

However, this doesn’t must mean that Rockstar will leave as much of the time. Of course, Fans hope that the wait will not be too long, but that “ GTA 6 ” one of the Launch titles for the Next-Gen consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series, X will be, is more than unlikely.

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