“Fortnite” Season 2 of Chapter 2 is to the end. Epic Games has flooded the Map with the Update 13.00. All the info to “Fortnite” Season 3.

The Battle-Royale-Hit “Fortnite” will start Season 3. As already suspected, was set in the game world under the water. All the info to Update 13.00, and “Fortnite” Season 3.

Season 2 of Chapter 2 in the case of “Fortnite” is now coming to an end – but what exactly happens then and when it goes more with the Season 3*? This question has engaged the player for a long time. Epic Games has confirmed the suspicions of many players, and the world under water. What’s changed Update 13.00 else?

“Fortnite” Season 3: The are the new features of Update 13.00

The whole Map is now under water, but with the time water level will appear to be fall again resulting in new areas it is stated on the official page of Epic Games. In the waters of the players in front of the sharks hats have to – nevertheless, you can also be of Use to you. Who has a fishing rod, you can use dangerous animals as a means of locomotion.

Also new are the so-called marauders are . It is the NPC Bots that fall in capsules from the sky and the attacking players.

Other new features include the following:

A new Battle Pass, New Looks – including the “Aquaman”-Outfit design screens with New weapons, paint jobs

“Fortnite” Season 3 has been a long time coming

“Fortnite”-players are now accustomed, each season in culminated in a great event . Shortly before the completion of Epic Games had housed already several Highlights in the game – including a concert by the American rapper Travis Scott* or the exclusive Premiere of the Trailer of Christopher Nolan’s new Film “Tenet”. For the coronation of Epic Games is also planned for the end of Season 2 something Special .

Infobox “Fortnite”

publication :

26. September 2017 (Battle Royale)

platforms :

PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android, and (soon PS5, Xbox Series, X)

Genre :

Free2Play Battle Royale

developer :

Epic Games / People Can Fly

Publisher :

Epic Games

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The end of Season 2 meant a little break for “Fortnite”player. Because of the Battle-Royale-Shooter was not a short play, while Epic Games made the final preparations for Season 3. Actually, the current season should be on 30. April ends, but this was extended by several weeks. Until recently, the players did not know how long the extension lasts.

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