After the victory in the DFB-Cup semi-final against Eintracht Frankfurt, Thomas Müller tells of the stresses at FC Bayern München by the Terminhatz. Hansi Flick has a lot of the second half, to suspend. The Voices.

DFB-Pokal: FC Bayern München* by a 2:1 against Frankfurt Eintracht in the final. In the final in Berlin (4. July) is now Bayer Leverkusen on the German record Champions. the Thomas Müller reports from weary Bayern, coach Hansi Flick relativized to the fahrige second half – of the votes.

Munich – sports doctors and physical therapists had warned of the Corona-Restart the Bundesliga * and DFB-Pokal in front of it: Because of the long break and the unusual preparation of the risk of injury is very high. Not to mention the high stress for the players.

So, the tight schedule of the German football League (DFL) and German football Association (DFB) , including the challenges associated with the FC Bayern München * after the 2:1 (1:0) in the DFB-Cup semi-final against Eintracht Frankfurt* the predominant theme. On Saturday, the decisive Bundesliga Match against Mönchengladbach already follows.

Hansi Flick, who criticized the DFB in front of audience of millions, took the Bayern Team * for a fahrige second half in protection; Thomas Müller told of a weary Munich-based team, Sky, he spoke also to Kai Havertz.

We have combined the votes from the ARD to the game.

Thomas Müller (FC Bayern München): “We were welded

… about the game: Highness” “in the first half, we can’t be satisfied. Since Frankfurt has shown a lot of fatigue. You have given away a lot of space in the Defensive. We need to lead in the first half, much higher. But we were also pomadig, tired, destroyed from the last few weeks. Clearly. And that has to be drawn, unfortunately, in the second half and made it worse. We were unclean, as we are used to from us. Our Pressing was on more tracks, actually, so-called. Our guys in the back have a lot of weggearbeitet. Playfully, the last Pass felt anything other than satisfactory today. We have mastered in contrast, according to the 1:1, the Extra Gas out. But all in all, it was the pomadigste the semi-finals, the I have in memory.

… about the fahrige second half of the FC Bayern* there is: “As I’ve said before: In the second half, we had no mobility, were really very, very dirty, have not kept the balls. This has pulled the whole team through. The Frankfurt left us in the first half, considerably more. We have failed to punish even more. We had five very, very large opportunities. So we won a close one. Also when we moved in to the finals, we need to rest safe now again for Saturday. Quite clear.“

Hansi Flick (coach Bayern Munich): “Have. not sent

… about the game of FC Bayern*: not employed” “The second half was not quite as good Since we have hired us, not sent to let the Ball run. But it’s a Cup game. The enemy has made us very, very well under pressure. We came at one Time or another to Swim. Nevertheless, in The end it is a earned more of my team to come.“

… about the drop in performance in the second half, and Frankfurt’s defense: “It’s normal: If you 0:1 are in the back, you have to try something. For us, it was already clear that they would put us under pressure. We just need to make in the first half, our chances in. Of the many opportunities we have to make one or two goals more, then the second half is different. This second half we need to simply accept also. It is crucial that we come up with such a Cup-Fight to be. That was the step we wanted to make it to the Cup final in Berlin.“

Timothy Chandler (Eintracht Frankfurt): “The disappointment is very big,”

… about the second half and the game: “We came in the second half, brave out of the cabin, pressed. If we had done that in the first half, would have been better. The disappointment is very big. 1:2 lose in Munich … the team has to pull everything out.“


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