FC Bayern dominated Eintracht Frankfurt is largely, but Thomas Müller, Hansi Flick, and Leon Goretzka have to suspend what. The voices of the game.

The FC Bayern München * claims Bundesliga * his lead over Borussia Dortmund. The German record champion wins after a wild game against Eintracht Frankfurt 5:2 (2:0)*. FCB-Trainer Hansi Flick, Thomas Müller and Leon Goretzka are not only satisfied.

Munich – What a Bundesliga game in the Allianz Arena *: The FC Bayern * Eintracht Frankfurt 5:2) (2:0) wrestles and makes it, in the meantime, unnecessarily exciting. Nevertheless, a good General rehearsal in front of the tip of the game against Borussia Dortmund (in the case of tz.de in the Live-Ticker).

Thomas Müller* is in excellent shape. While the bosses Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Oliver Kahn on the stands for a mouth protection masks-Fail*, have Müller, Coach Hansi Flick and Leon Goretzka what is the performance of the FCB to suspend.

We have summarized the votes to the game.

Leon Goretzka (FC Bayern München): “As we have it

talk” …about his goal to 1:0: “I can remember only the fact that Thomas Müller was with a run in the depth of the left. I don’t know how he got there by a tortuous, but this is simply his quality. It is one of my Strengths, to be from the midfield in front of goal dangerous.“

…about the goals conceded by Eintracht: “I think the Hinteregger is one of the strongest players, in terms of Standards. But since we don’t have to of course talk about that. This will not work.“

Thomas Müller (FC Bayern München): “we need to talk About, of course,”

… about football in front of empty stands: “I was asked how the mood feels like. Today the weather was not so Sunny. It didn’t smell after Friday night. It is a very important League game for us. Dortmund had presented, we wanted to add our Threesome.“

… on mind games: “of Course I have the Fans like. Of course there is nothing Better than to play these games (in front of the Fans, ed.). But it is our job. We will show that we can also play without spectators passionate. We have made that we pick up three victories this week. This is a very crucial week for us. We March on, Dortmund marched, as we can look forward to Tuesday. We want to bring the championship to Munich, where she belongs.“

… about the performance of the FC Bayern: “You never know how to get in the games without spectators in. But I expect us anyway, that we go to the Maximum. The Hinti (Hinteregger, ed.) is a very good player in standard situations. If the Ball jumps but clean and no one feels the Association is responsible, we must of course talk about it.“

… about his assist for the 1:0: “Leon Goretzka is one that calls for the Training according to the neck. I have played the Ball simply in the room, honestly not see who is there. And I also expect that the Leon is doing when he calls for it always have. Or, Leon?“ (calls out to Goretzka, d. ed.)

Franz Beckenbauer (FC Bayern München) with : Team in “a very strong Constitution,”

… the appearance of record holders: “Bayern are in a very strong Constitution. However, Frankfurt have also played very well. Under these circumstances, without Fans and atmosphere, the game was excellent football. Compliments to both teams, that was really very, very good football.“

… his first mind game, in the stands: “It’s not for the football fan is not quite satisfactory, because he is allowed into the stadium. The performance of the players but there is no difference.“

Hansi Flick (coach Bayern Munich): “we need to talk”

… about the game: “With the first half, I’m very pleased because we dominated. I need to lift Thomas Müller, which has used the space very smartly. Or David Alaba, as he has played as a Central defender out the back.“

… about the goals conceded by Eintracht Frankfurt: “After the 3:0 we have not ticked off on the inside, I know it. Frankfurt makes very good Standards, we knew that. Since we don’t have to look good, we need to talk.“

… about the League-Kracher at BVB: “We want to play against Dortmund to Zero. It will be difficult because Dortmund has a very good team. We all hope for a nice football game.“

… about the Bundesliga championship: “We have to Dortmund six games. Leverkusen has a very good run, playing very good football. Not only Bayern and Dortmund have the interest to stand in the front. We all wanted to see, and now we have it. The League is very balanced this year and plays at a very high level.“

Martin Hinteregger (Eintracht Frankfurt): “I had to laugh”

… about his Slapstick own goal: “it goes fast, looked fun. I had to laugh a bit. One of my most beautiful own goals.“

… about the game: “In the second half of the blow with the 0:3 came. The two goals have made us hope, but the class of Bayern Munich, that you have to answer right away. We were seen to have opportunities, that we have more of our chances. But Bayern then makes his things.“

+ defense boss at Eintracht Frankfurt: Martin Hinteregger (Mi.).©picture alliance/dpa / Andreas Gebert

… about the relegation battle in the Bundesliga: “The view was already in front of the Corona-crisis-to-bottom. We have made it today against Bayern Munich, very neat, take the positive things home. We always had the feeling that we can take a point. This is the most Important. We are in need of points urgently.“

Sebastian Rode (Eintracht Frankfurt, once when FC Bayern): “get Out of the swamp”

… about the game: “this season will always be taken back, decisions wrong. The 0:2 before the break hurt immensely. Then we get out of the swamp. Prior to the 4:2 we have a big Chance at the counter, a break, but then again. It is a mirror image of the season.“

… about the own goal by Mr Martin Hinteregger: “I hope that was the last own goal of the season. But not a reproach to him. It was before a long Ball was not defended.“

Adi Hütter (Trainer Eintracht Frankfurt): “I am angry”

… about the defeat in Munich: “We in the Church should be in the village. The victory of Bavaria is in order. My team has shown a reaction. We had the 1:3 the feeling that we can take away something. But the fourth goal was an own goal. These are unfortunate errors. Fernandes had the Ball, you must slide easily into the pages-From. And then he lays the Ball. This was a gift from us.“

… about the game: “The sticking point the first goal before the break and then the goal after the break was. We had a hundred percent Chance by Gacinovic, the post hit by Kostic. Bayern has surprisingly allowed a lot of chances. I am angry.“


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