Before the DFB Cup game of the FC Bayern Munich vs. Eintracht Frankfurt runs ARD-man, Matthias Opdenhövel in the TV-Interview with Karl-Heinz Rummenigge twice a faux pas.

Prior to the DFB Cup Match between FC Bayern * and Frankfurt Eintracht-it is curious. ARD-man Matthias Opdenhövel is talking with Karl-Heinz Rummenigge a double Mega-dropouts. With Twitter the TV Interview for criticism provides.

Munich – “Good evening to you in the Studio” – greeted Karl Heinz Rummenigge cheerful in front of the DFB-Pokal appearance of the FC Bayern Munich vs. Eintracht Frankfurt* (the Live Ticker for future Reference) at the Turn into the ARD Studio.

In the further course of the conversation with presenter Matthias Opdenhövel several oddities, which resulted in TV viewers for amused, but also irritated reactions followed the same.

Quirky Interview-goof on the edge of FC Bayern Munich against Eintracht Frankfurt

oddity 1: The Interview began, as Opdenhövel (in the presence of expert Thomas Broich*) the Chairman of the Board of Bayern Munich to the lost Cup final in 2018 against Eintracht spoke.

The response to the FCB Official: “I think because we had made a contribution, that we have lost.” Founded Rummenigge that the people of Munich were eliminated a week earlier in Madrid from the Champions League and the final in Berlin, then “no longer with great Motivation have played”. Reason? The Triple* was not possible.

on The net Association got tents User on the palm, because Bavaria Executive boss gave you the impression of a supposedly bad loser:

However, mentioned: At the end of Rummenigge: was the Cup broke against the SGE 2018 the sentence elicit: “in the end, you deserved to win.”

That’s not it with curiosities in the ARD-Interview , before the duel was kicked off between Munich and Frankfurt* .

FC Bayern Munich Karl-Heinz Rummenigge as President of the Red?

oddity 2: Who is the President of the most successful German football clubs? Well, as Edelfan of Borussia Mönchengladbach, you do not need to know necessarily, as a renowned sports journalist in Germany, maybe sooner. That Uli Hoeneß: is the club top when FCB , probably know most of the Fans.

ARD-man Opdenhövel apparently also attested to his conversation partner Rummenigge equal to twice the Position of “President of FC Bayern”. In the mid-term break, the sports journalist and apologized to Him was “a tick” under, “to call Rummenigge as President. This is, of course, Herbert Hainer, with love“.

Clear the bizarre double-blunder is not hidden also avid Twitter users remained – together with the relevant expressions:

To Supplement it should be mentioned that since the end of 2019, Herbert Hainer with the German record Champions the role of the Association of heads wearing.

And In the further course of the TV Transmission ( Voting: Who is the best FCB player?*) was the Opdenhövel finally, also in this for his faux pas. apologized

FC Bayern Karl-Heinz Rummenigge thinks a Salary Cap

Something that many football fans crave all over the world, is a return of the financially long-runaway Profitums to a more rational economies. A key to this could be a salary cap in the top leagues, similar to that in North America.

Recently surprised Karl-Heinz Rummenigge with statements to a so-called “Salary Cap”:


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