Ex-land League game, Manager Peter moss man is expressed in the Interview to the decision of the BFV to cancel the season 2020/21.

suspension of gaming operations for an indefinite period of time, virtual conferences and the Association votes, nationwide race to protection concepts and relaxations. And now even a complete game, it will be deleted.

A similar type of exception situation such as the Bavarian football Association has managed for three months, Peter moss man, 72, in his 30-year Official career, not experienced.

“I want to be in the middle of March everything, but just not as a Federation official, must decide on the operation of the game,” says the Ex-land League game head from Anzing in an interview with the Ebersberger Zeitung.

“at the Time, we were able to work in peace, were not bound by dates”

What were the biggest challenges in terms of their active time in the BFV?

the restructuring of The game districts of Erding, Freising and Dachau. Since I am week with Alfred Fackler (deceased BFV-honor-Vice-President, d. ed.) in Munich rumged├╝st to the Clubs to understand that they need to change entrenched habits. And the inclusion of reserve teams in the point of the game. Both, however, there is no comparison to the Situation today. At the time, we were able to work in peace, were not tied to dates. As far as I can remember, is the deletion of the season 20/21, the most difficult decision that had to meeting of the Association ever.

Is it a right decision?

decisions on the green grass are always better than on the green table. The Association had, in the present Situation but no other choice. It may also be the Best thing that can happen, because you could bridge to a point game-free break in the spring. In the Ebersberg district, you could rethink maybe the County Cup. With Go – and-return play of the Teams would have perhaps three games in the month.

So that we would in future decision-making processes. How do you evaluate the crisis management of the BFV so far?

Excellent. No one knows how much time, leisure time, use your brain, the discussions with the Clubs of the colleagues involved. Also the new change of law is very well thought out. I exclude, however, up to the district League at 90 percent of the players change. Just the deadline is too short and a real weak point.

an entire season is cancelled, is also in the Bavarian exceptionalism of the season continued. 19 of 21 state associations have dropped out of the season now. Why not get the BFV that?

hung to the BFV could get the also. Also, legally, he would have been through with this, because in a special situation, you have to make concessions. Whether but all the Bavarian associations would be in order to cope, I put in the other associations in doubt. In Bavaria, we have the misfortune and fortune to have most of the clubs and players.


Also with us in the club in Anzing, the majority in favour of a crash was. Without promotion and relegation, but that is cheese! From the Bavaria League down-hole leagues are not playable. I’ve created a game plan in a 18-League time. Since it takes at least five English weeks. I don’t think our Anzinger players and the majority of Amateur teams, which must get by with 13 players per season, in addition to professional in the location.

early cancellation in March would not have been at the Clubs a majority?

If 66% of the clubs in the vote would not have said, you want to continue to play, would have accepted the Association, this decision certainly.

Na colored Yes, the procedure of this vote …

… was, of course, from the Association side, there is a bit of opinion. As well as I do the circle and district Chairman know but still, I know that you are very influenced club side. To our Board of Directors, I say nothing. I believe, however, that Rainer Koch is now more Association – as the Association’s President and a bit far away from the Clubs. Nevertheless, I am sure that in the club top with the choice of everything is fair and for the good of the clubs received. We have selected the top itself, so should be some trust there.

when are the Amateur kicker back in the competition mode?

I hope in September. But you need to contact training in August. And one thing is clear: Without an audience to Amateur football makes no sense! Since I have in the organization and security of most of the concerns. Prefer a later start! Since the BFV decision makes sense, because back no time pressure exists.

Is the entire extent of this exceptional situation foreseeable?

So in the case of Associations, the lives of spectators or sponsors, can be difficult. Contracts with trainers can be expensive, the pay you also, if you do nothing.

And how to make a deleted time noticeable?

As a player, you don’t feel that at all. The main thing, not too long break to the next Competitive season.Otherwise there is the risk that you will lose players, especially in the field of youth. And the club needs to look to it that he holds together the people and its financial base. Only in the chronicle it is hot at some point: season 2020/21 failed. No Champions, no Losers. That sounds now very funny.

A conversation with Julian Betzl