He was one of the best clay court player at the end of the 80s and beginning of 90s: Guillermo Perez-Roldan was predicted a great career. In 1986 and 1987, the Argentine won the Junior competition at the French Open. Only three players were younger at their first victory against a Top Ten player than Perez-Roldan, only five players younger at the debut in the Top 20.

With 17 years of Perez-Roldan in Munich secured his first ATP title at the age of 18, he reached the quarter-finals at the French Open. He was the classic clay diggers, who played in the ATP Ranking to number 13.

All of his 20 ATP Finals he has reached on the Sand, jumping out nine titles in the process. In 1993, the career of Perez-Roldan was completed already at the age of 24 years, even if he tried, three years later, a Comeback is unsuccessful.

Perez-Roldan: “He put my head in the bathtub”

Meanwhile, Perez-Roldan, 50 years old. In an Interview with the Argentine newspaper “La Nacion” the man from Tandil, where Juan Martin del Potro lives, a soul Striptease. He revealed that his father, Raul, who was also his Trainer, to have him as a Teenager, abused.

“My father was a Visionary, an exceptional technician and a great coach. But he was a shitty father. And, unfortunately, I was his son. I would rather have had a worse coach,” said Perez-Roldan.

“After a defeat, he beat me with the fist in the face. He stuck my head in the bathtub, the band reported me to the bed and whipped me with the belt, because I haven’t moved on the court well enough,” Perez-Roldan.

father Raul will also be to blame for the early end of career been. “In 1993 we were in Genoa. I had the game, watched a Match. When I returned, I saw my father of the two men was beaten at the station. I have a grip, I hurt myself and had several operations. Even today, I can’t move my Hand fully. The reason for my career at the end of my father who did, as always, stupid things was so.”

Perez-Roldan: “Everything I had earned was gone”

From the earned income remained at Perez-Roldan, ultimately, nothing. “My father robbed me of four or five millions of dollars. Everything I had earned was gone. My mother and he have withdrawn all my money,” said Perez-Roldan, who learned only in 1993 that.

“I called the Bank, asked for some money to go on holiday. However, there was no more money. Three months after the end of my career I was poor. I had to borrow money from my grandmother to survive.”

Perez-Roldan is now the father of three children and lives in Chile, where he directs a tennis Academy. Contact to his father, he has no more. “It makes me sad. I lost my father. I hope we can come closer. At the end he is my father,” he showed himself conciliatory.

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