“Something in the way, I did see it coming,” says Jack Aitken. And he drew the consequences: The Test – and reserve driver of the Renault factory teams moved ahead of the season 2020 in the same function, to Williams. Because he had heard rumors in the Team, which presented its opportunities for the future there in question, as he explains in ‘Racer’.

The departure of Renault driver Daniel Ricciardo got him, “not surprised,” says Aitken, the possible answer to the question of the succession ricciardo’s more. “I just didn’t have the confidence that [at Renault] behind the Junior program, such as the hope for the young driver, maybe.”

He had seen no good perspective in the French factory team. “There’s a lot of speculation, a certain Fernando [Alonso], look round,” says Aitken. “It came as no surprise to me, if you were to get someone like him. It seems to need a kind of guide driver.”

As a long time Renault is actually still in the process?

Aitken wanted to act rather than react, and took his athletic future into their own hands by joining Williams. Especially as the Renault-prospects regardless of the Ricciardo-be departure is uncertain, as he says, because the corona crisis could move the group to the Rethink of its formula 1 project.

“It is said that it is in the long term, but realistically that only means: It is as long as it [is] useful,” says Aitken. In the case of traditional teams like Ferrari, McLaren or Williams, it was different: “These Teams will continue to be, because they only exist to race in formula 1.”

Renault, in turn, had it since the re-entry of 2016 failed to meet the own demands. Also, the speak now may be against the Team, so Aitken. The lack of success of “hovered always about the Team,” he says, “especially lately. So let’s say it this way: You will lead the discussion [about a possible exit].”

Therefore, Williams as an Alternative

emphasizes A theoretical scenario at Renault was “nothing new this year”, Aitken. “That’s been around for a few years. As long as it fits the parent company in the stuff, as long as it goes.” He was uncertain: “For me, I see that Williams have better career opportunities.”

The 24-year-old Aitken has gone to make his way back to the test driver position at Williams with second place in the GP3 (2017) and fifth place in the formula 2 (2019), with three Victories in the last season. His only championship title in the formula sport date back to the year 2015 from the formula Renault 2.0.

This article was written by Stefan Ehlen

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