experienced parked cars place, shunting the end of the day trippers cars and walkers and bikers without end: The small village of Eschenlohe at the edge of the Alps at the time something completely New: mass tourism.

In the Corona-pandemic many recovery in the environment Munich are looking for . Calm destinations are becoming more popular, for example, Eschenlohe . The small village at Alpine foothills suddenly, with mass tourism face and is desperately looking for solutions. Even more local stories in our weekly regions-Newsletter of the Garmisch-Partenkirchen or in our App.

Eschenlohe – It was a weekend reprieve for Eschenlohe . Cool temperatures, a poor prognosis in the run up to something like normality in the village prevailed again . States, as the inhabitants used to and you want to retain. The weekends before around the holidays had revealed the small location in the loisachtal valley, a new scenario – in all its hardness: the mass tourism . “This is not new to us, we know about Eschenlohe at all,” says mayor Anton Kölbl (CSU).

Eschenlohe is bursting at the seams: “I’m afraid that it goes to Corona so on”

Since the people may in the course of the Corona-pandemic out of the house, “we always had times of individual days on which a higher volume,” was, Kölbl says. “Our hope was that the dies down again.” But this pious city hall has abandoned Faith-in-chief almost. “I’m afraid that it goes to Corona so on.”

The Whitsun week-end was the negative peak. In the run-up to the community had given thought to what you can do. “We had no idea how we should look to address,” admits Kölbl.

farmer in Eschenlohe municipality of Meadow as a Parking lot available

The managers finally found a solution: A farmer presented to the parish a plot of land between the highway and B2 available – as an additional Parking . “To Try,” says the mayor. “And to the zero tariff,” he praised. The result: “The offer has been accepted. The positive finding is that the traffic can be a little direct.“

municipality of Eschenlohe is desperately looking for additional Parking space

so It needs additional Parking space . The Problem is that The farmers get partial funding for their lawns, you can’t give up so easy. In addition, a footprint, works on Grass just as long as it is dry. “Otherwise, we will ruin everything.”

The municipality has no own land between highway and site. Up on the surfaces around the exit of the A95. “We want to toughen up now, the holes close up.” In the hope that the land will be accepted. Due to the difficult situation far outside of the place Kölbl but has self-doubt. “This is very far out, especially for guests with children. But at least for Biker that would be ideal.“

search traffic in Eschenlohe is the worst

photo: mass tourism by surprise Eschenlohe