Franz autumn is float. However, he goes after his passion outside in the icy temperatures. At 0.2 degrees water temperature, he won a world championship medal.

+ And into the ice water: Franz autumn (yellow bathing cap) starts over 1000 metres, and world silver.

Pemmering – Swimming is the Sport for the warm Season. As Franz autumn in the year 2016, for the first time on a November day in the water, “I’m in and right back out again,” he says. The riding westhofener pond was 12 degrees warm. By today’s standards the bathtubs are almost temperatures for the Pemmeringer. Autumn is the ice cream float. In 2017, the then-60-Year-old Vice-world champion in his age class over 1000 meters. The Wöhrsee lake had 3 degrees, the air temperature was minus 15 degrees.

still harder, in Estonia, in the Harbor of Tallinn. “Without pumps, the water would be frozen within half an hour,” says autumn. “0.3 degrees it had, maybe it was also 0.2.” To swim in it, was for him the Highest. Equal to eight times he went to the Start. Only one thing bothered her: “The distances are very short.” Nevertheless, he won the 200 metres at the breast, in Estonia, a world championship medal.

“The Triathlon was to enumerate Swim long is my worst discipline,”

autumn story in Gold, silver or Bronze, is not the Year today, 63-meet. What sets him apart and what puts him in this series of the 100 greatest athletes – is hard work and will do an extreme sport, in which he not even the great Talent in the cradle had been. On The Contrary. “In Triathlon, the Swim was my worst discipline,” says the Pemmeringer, has the classic athlete-career by increments of: “football, Tennis, then Run up to the Marathon and eventually triathlons.”

But it was just this irrepressible will of him that 2. November 2016 was the riding westhofener pond not rest. “I’m back again into the water,” remembers autumn. After that, he had trained the whole year outside. “In November alone, I was swimming at the time, 25 Times in the water and I am 28 kilometers. The longest distance was two kilometers.“

hands and feet in the ice water no longer felt

+ On the track: “The breathing technique is extremely important. You have to keep the air completely out of bubbles.“©Private

this is The Double of that distance, which brought him in Wöhrsee world championship silver. 1000 meters in the ice-water – for autumn of that is the “Marathon swimmers”. In Wöhrsee him to be froze back almost to the fingers. “The area of the body is bleeding through the Sport very well, but feet and hands I felt after ten minutes, almost. Ten minutes in the ice water are like 90 minutes of normal Swimming.“ And autumn was on this track for nearly 20 minutes in ice water.

How do you manage that? “The breathing technique is extremely important. I’m doing the Two-train. You have to keep the air completely out of bubbles,“ he explains. So much for the theory. But in the Wöhrsee lake autumn water got into the mouth, had to swallow and cough. “150 meters from the finish I got a cramp. Leg work was no longer possible. And at 1000 meters, you can’t take the stretching so. Actually, I can do the 25 Meter in 24 moves. On the last tracks, there were 30 trains per day travelling.“

difference between four and 0.2 degrees is noticeable

In the target, not everything is a race still far from good. “The muscles are totally tight. You’ll get chills.“ Autumn recalls: “On a good Bavarian: Mi hod’s durchbeitelt for 20 minutes.”

+ 0.2 degrees was the water in the Harbor of Tallinn.©Private

A year later, in Tallinn, he didn’t get the difference between four and 0.2 degree to feel. “Because the muscle pulls together much faster,” he says. “And the bone-chilling cold you get to feel quite different when you swim in the Chest with the chest frontal out of the water to go and try and get the oxygen to get in,” he says.

“It is neither healthy nor unhealthy”

this Is really healthy? “It is neither healthy nor unhealthy,” says autumn. Of course, he did not know that he was in interval training, the oxygen intake of a young athlete. “Besides, I let examine me in front of every Competition by a physician, and during Training I buoy always a Rescue here.” One thing was important: “When where what tweaks, then you should investigate it and if necessary, then pause.” This applies in every Sport. Movement is but health-promoting. Some of it is also to go every day, half an hour walk. “Everyone should make according to his own lights.” says the Pemmeringer.

+ streamlet warm 5 degrees prevailed in Slovenia at the bled lake.©Private

He certainly need goals, he can hintrainieren. Therefore, he started to Tallinn two years later in Bled, Slovenia, where he achieved two fourth and fifth world Cup places. At the German Open he is a regular guest. The water may be too cold.

The 15-Kilometer distance is not missing him

to hot But also. About 17 degrees the Wörther have a pond at the moment, he estimates. The water he leaves before he is at least swum three kilometres. Autumn would be fit for the competitions-free water. At the end of July actually, Bayern should take place-Cup, where he wanted to go on the 7.5 – kilometers of trails. Last year, he counted for in the Hague indoor swimming pool, ten kilometers is the length of the tiles. 3:19 hours he needed. “From 25 meters to 15 kilometers, – I all swim,” says autumn, and adds: “In every Schwimmart.” Butterfly, he is considered as the Supreme discipline. “I have learned only with the 50 and not look as aesthetically pleasing as the true Racers, but 100 meters, I’ll take it.” And the 15 km-distance missing him. But this should only be a matter of time.

On 500 to 600 swim-kilometers fall in the year. “My three children will find it great that I’m still fit. And my wife Anna for supporting me anyway. You know I need the Sport,“ says autumn, who is glad that now the gyms are open. Three times a week he visited together with his wife. “We find it both beautiful that we can work together to advance the Sport.”

daughter Anna is one of the greatest swimming talent in the district

‘m Particularly proud of him when he rotates together with his daughter Anna, the rounds in the Wörther lake. The 20-Year-old is one of the greatest swimming talent in the district of Erding. She is a regular guest at the German Championships in Berlin. This year she’s made in the U.S. for the College Championships for the Furore. At Nationals, she won two titles.

Anna’s fault that her father swimming for over ten years, coach at the Erdinger dolphins is. He often looks at the Training course. Since the request of the TSV is Erding almost have been logical: “you Can take the Training?” The answer was a typical Franz-autumn-answer: He not only took over, he made all kinds of coach tickets. “I was spending a week in the sports school Oberhaching. That was very challenging. But it was worth it.“

autumn also has the license for the seniors sports, but the 63-Year-olds are grown, especially the children, to the heart. “I get along wonderfully with young people. It is also not always easy with school and the many expectations.“ In the basin it is about the fun factor, he says. This does not exclude, but sporting success. Autumn still remembers those Bavarian championship in Bayreuth, as the female B-youth relay team won a silver medal and his Team reached in 16 Starts, 15 best times. This pleased him even more than his medals. On the rank list of achievements is something else but at the very top. Since 2013 autumn children’s swim course: “Each year, 100 children make me the seahorse.”

Dieter Priglmeir