He puts on ambition and respect – and sees potential: Maximilian Zgud is the new football coach of the TSV Neuried II in the district League 2 Munich.

Neuried TSV Neuried continues to focus on young coaches. The second team of the Green-and-White acts officially as a U23, and in addition to the players, the coach of the district League Teams were not in the past few years, most of them much older. On the ascent trainer Marco Gühl, at the office, 25 years old, followed in the summer of 2018, the then 26-year-old Josip Hrgovic and Florian, Adam, a year later, the 24 and 26-year-old Hüseyin Sözer and Cenkhan Kabalakli. After the exemption took over in the Winter on an interim basis by Tobias Rehse (32). The new Coach, Maximilian Zgud, joins with his 29 years seamlessly in the pattern.

By TSV 1860 München at TSV Neuried

Zgud has – like his predecessor – despite his young age, is already a lot to show for it. After first experience as a coach at SC Unterpfaffenhofen-Germering, he was in the last three years in the youth area of the TSV 1860 Munich, including two as a head coach. Up to 30. June, he is responsible for the Training of U13, the season, the corona was due to be cancelled.

“For me it was the Greatest to work there. Even as a small Boy I was lions Fan, and in the three years I’ve learned an incredible amount,“ says the B license-holders, whose participation in the A-license course is due to Corona is still in the queue.

Now the paths separate, nevertheless; because of the time pressure, on the other, appealed to the human resources employed Zgud the prospect of working in the Mr area. “Basically, you as a coach a certain style. But the training focus is in the U13, of course, other than in the case of the men,“ he says.

NK Hajduk and TSV Großhadern instead of FC Augsburg and FC Ingolstadt

Instead of FC Ingolstadt and FC Augsburg hot rag the next opponent NK Hajduk Munich and TSV large. For Zgud this is a conversion, but no Problem. He had also held talks with other clubs, is looking forward now, however, the first serious steps as a head coach in the men’s area in the Neurieder sports Park. Zgud said “I’m glad to have such a structured Association found.”

to play With the second team ever in the League, and he already sees as a significant plus point over many other clubs, as well as in the district of upper League active A-youth. Zgud: “There is definitely potential there.” Also on the cooperation with the already well-known Maximilian Reid, also 29, says the coach new arrival.

switch to But unlike any other Coach in the summer, the watches are not from the start, to zero. The new Coach starts in the Rest of the season in September – should start this on schedule, with only seven points from their previous 15 games on the side. Thus, the Neurieder U23 is located on the second circle of League-table position, four points behind the relegation ranks and ten counter of the non-relegation zone.

The exact causes Zgud not familiar with, appeased, however: “That you get with a young team problems, is clear.” It was all but still in there. With a fresh Wind blowing through the clearing at the end of A Junior, one or the other new arrival, and with the new coach.

Zgud describes himself as “emotionally like a little Klopp”

describes himself on the sidelines as “emotional as a small Klopp”. He would basically let the offensive play and has high demands on his players. Already in the run-up, he made it clear that no “counter team” to train (we reported). It is particularly important to him, however, that for all the ambition of a respectful, human handling is maintained.

With this combination – “I demand a lot but give a lot” (Zgud) – he drove well so far. “Now I am working as a Trainer at a higher level than as a player,” says the native of Germering. His greatest success on the court, the district League in 2015, with the SCUG was. Due to a persistent knee problems, he moved already at the age of 24 to the side line.

in the Meantime, he can’t kick, although again, a Comeback he has in mind. “I’d help out again, must be the staffing is already very large,” he says, laughing. It should be itching him however in the feet, he can consult with his predecessor Tobias Rehse. The focus in the future on the third team. The targets in the B-class the second ascent in the series and can always use support.