The new Invictus GT 370 S of the eponymous Italian shipyard aims to the boat market in the USA. There are powerful diesel is particularly popular. Many shipyards have expanded in the last few years, your Portfolio with outboard models, in order to serve the American market. At the official debut at the Miami Show in 2020, Yacht in Florida, where especially strong motorized boats are asked, been able to attract the yacht design by Christian Grande has a special interest.

The star went four years ago to

, Christian Grande has created the boot brand is Invictus, together with the shipyard Aschenez four years ago. His Name is synonymous with the design lines of large boat yards, such as Sessa Marine, Sacs, and, more recently, Cranchi. The Designer from Parma has designed more than 100 different boats. In the case of Invictus, said Grande in the float-Interview 2017, could he, as a co-owner, “with its own voice”. Invictus was for him “a Form with a strong identity, distinctive in style”.

Christian Grande is co-owner of Invictus © Invictus Float magazine

The shipyard, whose star 2016 rose spectacular with the Premiere of Invictus 280 GT, the boat of heaven, is now building boats with Motor at the rear. At the Cannes Yachting Festival in 2019, the Italian shipyard launched the outboard series and was the first to model the Invictus GT 280 S.

Invictus 370 GT Italian Design on the water

this year, follows the Largest of the GT series, the Invictus GT 370 S. The GT 370 in the Inborder Version won 2017 in the category of Fun the Best of Boats Award. It is adjacent to the smaller Invictus GT 280 of the most successful boat of the shipyard.

engine out for more space

The outboard propulsion system offers the power of dairy to the motor strength of a number of important advantages: Not least, the additional space under the Deck plays a significant role. The outboard motors now are cheaper, consume less gasoline than before, and are for maintenance and repair work much more accessible.

The gasoline blend in with the Invictus line a © Invictus Float magazine

Designer Christian Grande attaches great importance to the harmonious Design that is characteristic of boats for all of the Invictus, even with the outboard version. For designers with a sense of style underlying engines are the outside appearance is often a horror. Probably, therefore, the basic color of the hull and Deck is continued in the livery of the engines. These are not a technical appendage, but a balanced complement of the tail. The first copy of the Invictus GT 370 S 425 XTO (maximum power: 850 HP) comes with two engines type Yamaha on the market. Other configurations “are considered”, it says of the yard.

The maximum motorization are three engines with a total of 1,200 HP. The Tank has a capacity of 1.070 liters. So you can make a whole while neat wave.

attention to Detail forward cabin © Invictus Float magazine maintained beds Connectable to the single, aft cabin © Invictus Float magazine

led The design of the lower Deck of the GT 370 is tastefully and with many equipment variants to the S-Version. The two cabins are spacious and can be configured according to the needs of the clients. The large aft cabin has two beds, convertible into a large – large enough to beds to three children or two adults.

The forward cabin with a third bed or a large side sofa with a small table, a Bar and a TV can be extended and equipped. In the fuselage, enlarged side window to highlight the Invictus Tradition of elegant shape.

premium Quality down to the Detail

The access to the boat is back on Board. Instead of the lush bathing platform deck on the GT 370 S sun. It is separated by a backrest from the L-shaped Sofa. When folded out, it transforms the whole rear area into a sun.

The Deck of the GT 370 S © Invictus Float magazine

is The Central control stand is designed with three sturdy, ergonomic Seats for safe and quick Driving. Starboard and port side width sufficient for passages on the foredeck. Fully padded, loads it for sun bathing. On the back of the seats in the compact kitchen unit includes sink, refrigerator and icemaker.

All of the surfaces and upholstery are processed, such as, in the case of Invictus usual, high quality in every Detail. Even the chrome-plated stainless steel pipes are covered with faux leather. And what is the Designer’s own thing to say about it? The Invictus GT 370 S embody “the perfect Balance between the delicate and possibly feminine Form of the Invictus and the dynamic, masculine Spirit” in a boat, “the want with speed and the sound of his engines stand out”.

The shipyard have then added “a touch of Power,” without the elegance and grace of the GT-forget the series, Christian Grande. And he’s right.

The Invictus GT 370 S is self-configuring.

This article was written by Kerstin Zillmer

*The contribution “will be Elegant, make a big wave” published by float magazine. Contact with the executives here.

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