the world of dance Erding is a dispute between the fishermen’s Foundation and management as the owner and dance school owner Chriss Melzer as a tenant.

Erding – the world of dance Erding in the business building on the Beautiful tower of a right is in dispute between the fishermen’s Foundation and management as the owner and dance school owner Chriss Melzer as a tenant of the basement. It comes to deficiencies in the fire protection. Which led, as reported, that Melzer had to close his world of dance, a few days after the re-opening in a row of the Corona-lock downs again. Now a dispute started over who the building is for fire protection in the earlier Coop-responsible, or who takes over the costs for the training.

Melzer, in an interview with our newspaper on the goal: “We want to open as soon as possible.” Specifically, it’s about the lack of fire detectors and run cards for the fire Department. The forced closure has Erding the city as a competent body, causes.

Melzer is of the opinion: “For the fire protection or fire alarm system (BMA) is the landlord responsible. We don’t have to the Cabinet once access.“ His memory after the system was deactivated in the fall of 2019, after the major water damage. “Why this is done is beyond my knowledge.”

should be set As the BMA sharp again, there was an error message. “The city has requested a new opinion. To think completely right,“ Melzer. “This must actually be all three, four years.” The was remained of the last years under. “Because otherwise it would be already noticed after 1996, in the toilets, no fire detectors.” Foundation-managing Director Matthias Vögele’ve decided, “I must do it myself”.

A very different Version from Vögele. “Mr. Melzer has started from the beginning of August, self-directed and at their own cost tags. Prior to that, the BMA was proven to be in a functional state.“ The Foundation knows only since 10. June of the deficiencies, as the report of the expert was present.

Vögele is convinced, “that the defects are a direct result of the remodeling in the basement”. The protection concept had to be adapted to the changing population and at the expense of the dance school as a tenant and ‘polluter pays’. Further, the managing Director reported that Melzer says the staff of the Foundation to Enter the rooms. Even the word “ban” has been circulating. Of a concrete danger Vögele does not, however.

Melzer doing now pace. He has already found an electrician that will eliminate the defects. “In the ideal case, we can be open in two weeks again. Hopefully the run cards for the fire Department by then.“ He estimates that the cost of 15 000 to 20 000 Euro.

And who pays for it? Melzer suspected, “that it will be a matter of a legal dispute”. The ratio to Vögele he referred to as tense. First of all, he but in advance. “We have survived the water damage and Corona, we are the masters now. The main thing is that it goes on.“

you Can work under these circumstances, even full confidence? Vögele says only: “There is an existing lease agreement between the Foundation and school of dance.”

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