recall of tablets. Urgent Warning! The manufacturer Hexal calls back glands the thyroid drug L-Thyrox, because of the likelihood of confusion.

callback* of a drug for the thyroid because of possible confusion of packaging of the tablets, L-Thyrox from Hexal incorrectly At the risk of confusion characterized threaten damage to health for thyroid patients

Kassel patients with problems of the thyroid gland should soon see exactly when your medicines. The drug manufacturer Hexal wooden churches in Bavaria, has launched an urgent callback for the drug L-Thyrox . The Gesundheitsprotal product warning is Also, the drug Commission of the German pharmacists (AMK) has urged in a urgent drug message German pharmacies to check their stock of the drug L-Thyrox.

The callback is valid for the L-Thyrox-Batch with 100 micrograms tablets 100 pieces and the Batch number (Ch.-B.): KK2878. The expiration date is valid until June 2021.

recall of Hexal-drug: likelihood of danger

Hexal offers L-Thyrox in four dosages of the drug levothyroxine sodium 25, 50, 75 and 100 micrograms.

As the Portal product, could be labeled the packaging of the 100 micro-grams of the Batch of L-Thyrox wrong. Therefore, it could not be excluded that some of the Blister, the Aluminium-packaging of the tablets – wear mistakenly labeled “25µg”. Right, the inscription “100”

Hexal has launched a callback for this Batch of Thyrox drug in order possible dosage to prevent errors. Due to an incorrect dosage of medication, serious health damage may occur.

“as a result of this labeling error, the risk of accidental Overdose, with symptoms, such as occur in the case of a Hyperfunction of the thyroid gland is”, is quoted by the AMK by the German pharmacist’s newspaper.

recall of Hexal-drug: So, you recognize the faulty drug

medicine: L-Thyrox from Hexal100 microgram tablets package size: 100 tablets, Batch number (Ch.-B.): KK2878

As not all batches of 100 micro-grams-Version of L-Thyrox are affected, patients should check carefully whether they are in possession of a potentially erroneous Charge. A look at the packaging is enough.

on the Side of the folding box, the Batch number, short Ch is located.-B. Should you “KK2878” amount to, customers should bring the medication immediately to the pharmacy back and on further measures to inform.

Other batches, dosages and packaging sizes of the callback from Hexal not to be affected.

recall of Hexal-drug: tablets for the thyroid affected

The drug with the active ingredient levothyroxine sodium is, among other things, for the treatment of an underactive thyroid used.

The levothyroxine-called L-Thyrox is a artificial Form of the thyroid hormone thyroxine. The Medium is designed to compensate for a deficiency of the hormone in the thyroid gland.

Should have patients, or pharmacist any queries, you can contact us directly at Hexal during office hours by phone+49 (0) 800 / 439 25 27, outside of office hours under +49 (0) 2065 / 256 1665 or by E-Mail to the Hexal AG.

By Philipp Zettler

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