two years Ago, when Dominik Bacher in Unterhaching got there, Manfred Schwabl gave him a Nickel. A good luck charm and as an incentive for the striker from Sindelsdorf.

Sundelsdorf/Unterhaching – The President of the third division gave him an order. The copper coin should show Bacher him after his first game in the pros. If the would fold once. In Minute 63 by 1. FC Magdeburg entered Dominik Bacher on Wednesday evening the lawn of the sports Park. With the coin under the sole. In all the hustle and bustle after the 0:0, the congratulations, the phone calls, the Instagram messages he forgot, but the two-year-old promise. He will catch up. In the same way as he is the one to the deuce to spend. “The season, then next,” says the striker. With the age of 18 years, Bacher has been given his debut in the third League.

Bacher: “it was then that I actually realized that I’m coming in,”

Others learn with 18 years of driving the car. Bacher made this by the way. On occasion, on days off, and wearing it now, the A95 along, exit Sindelsdorf are. There, girlfriend, and friends live. One of his buddy invited on Wednesday to watch football. Of Bacher, as they say, stand in the squad. Not U19, A-youth, but with the Big in the pros. On the bench, no attacker, what were his chances for a short use, of course, enormous in height fast sat.

In the mid-term instructed Schromm, he should warm up but a little more intense and be ready. “As was pretty clear that I’m coming in,” said Bacher, who replaced Lucas Hufnagel. His well-Known at home laughing, as they saw Bacher in television with number 32 on the field trot. Admittedly, It looks funny, how these moves Offensive machine with his 1,90 meters on the turf Fort. On your Instagram channel Between the exchange announced. The with got in the social network of people, of which Bacher for some time, not much has been heard, and presented their congratulations.

Dominik Bacher comes for a half-hour to clean

Coach Claus Schromm, he received the Order to Orient themselves in the direction of the penalty area. Storm partner Florian Dietz should do the leg work. The first action in division three ended in a pass to a fail. However, this was a good thing. Because Bacher lost not only the Ball but also the pressure of the firstfruits. “The is de-energized. Then everything has so far gone so well.“ More: Bacher participated in one of Hachings best goal-area scenes. About 20 meters in front of the box, the Ball reached him. With a feint, and he confused the opponent. His shot with the right, relatively free Position, it was set a little too high. A defender blocked it to Bacher’s players. After half an hour, the tour ended in the new world with the final whistle. The elsdorfer, which began play in the ASV Habach the football, thought it was “natural madness”, to have so long played.

Bacher makes you transform to a professional

Since the beginning of April, he regularly trained with the professionals. First of all, in groups of four, with the entire Team. With youth football you can’t compare the. Body-hugging, the faster it goes. “So be it,” says Bacher. 18 no football player has to learn. By 2021 the support contract in Haching is running. The club has earned him a Job in Unterhaching, introduces him to an apartment. Only cook, he himself has to. “The way noodles, I get,” he jokes. So bad the courts are not likely to taste – his father is a chef. The athletic trainer has clarified Bacher in terms of “diet” and him the “perfect plate”, a guide for professional athletes, wrote. The 18-Year-old works in many areas in the Transformation to a professional. For which (Hachinger) runs the Team next season, is still unclear. The Association is working on a concept for the U19 and his talents. Marriage this is relevant, there are three games in the third League. Bacher hopes to further use, possibly in the last home game against Jena next Wednesday. “I’m mega happy, if I get a few more minutes.”

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