A success story that is just beginning: the Landratsamt München sees the rental Bike offer the MVG in the district of Munich. And defends itself against criticism.

district Since October 2018, the blue-and-silver-MVG-bikes rolling through the district of Munich. Exactly one year later, in October, 2019, were taken the last stops and wheels in operation. 162 stations with over 1100 wheels since then, the citizens in a total of 21 member towns and municipalities available – Now that attracts Landratsamt balance-sheet for 2019.

In the first full year of the Usage of 2019 have been rented to the wheels is around 74 300 Times. Statistically, it has used in the first year, approximately one out of every five County citizens, the System once. Nearly 3000 less than Rent, the office recorded in the district – the reason is that the wheels would be used for trips to Munich. “Here are the advantages of a single system in the city and County are showing,” reads one message.

The hardest kicking Garching, Ismaning, Munich and Neubiberg, Germany

About half to two-thirds of 2019 made trips took place, meanwhile, according to statistics within the respective municipality. A further third use the wheels to travel in other municipalities or to Munich. Everyday life and commuting trips outweigh the Leisure: More than three-quarters of the trips are held from Monday to Friday “peak travel time” is between 16 and 20 hours. The people in charge back will lead to a higher flexibility of the Mietrads to the public TRANSPORT. Evidence that the most frequently used rental bike stations were predominantly in S – and U-Bahn stations. Also a good high school locations were used, such as in Garching, pass through, commercial areas, and locations with associated leisure use.

most trips have been gifts in the past year in Garching (21 275 Rent/20 889 return), hair (6021/5757), Ismaning (5887/5718), Planegg (5263/4622) and Neubiberg (5053/4646) made. District administrator Christoph Göbel diagnosed: “The citizens take the offer mainly exactly this, what it is intended – to Overcome the ‘last mile’ in addition to public TRANSPORT, as well as as an Alternative to the private Car.”

the amount of the deficit called the office

at the same time, the CSU warned-the district administrator before, probably with a view to the recent criticism by Ottobrunn CSU to consider mayor Thomas Loderer, individual services in isolation or against each other to offset: “Every deal needs time in order to establish itself in the local infrastructure,“ said Göbel. “It would be of little use to expect that a single new offer within a year undermines the long-practiced routines, and the traffic turning virtually single-handedly usher in.” First of all, you have to take into account that there is an operating deficit give. This is, however, acceptable.

The height of this deficit, the district stated neither in the balance sheet or on the demand of the Münchner Merkur. The detailed billing for 2019 are only available in the coming weeks, could the final Numbers meeting “no more concrete statements.” Overall, the use of figures for 2019 but “is positive

want to Now, numerous municipalities have signaled at the request of the district administrator’s office, your station power supply even greatly expand the number of failed”. The total investment for the expansion of the MVG-wheel in the district amounted so far to around 3.6 million euros. Civil engineering costs and preparation of the plots to take over the participating municipalities. The Federal Ministry for the environment to be paid more than three million euros. The remaining cost of the County and the participating municipalities, shared in equal Parts, just like the deficit in the current operation. Some municipalities have acquired also the sponsors for their stations.