“You’ll be a world champion in heavy weight.” A sentence of so many a Boxer by his father, foster father or instructor is likely to have. But as Daniel Dubois heard the phrase for the first time, he was not even born. His father, David, even has always been a huge fan of the fist-fight, prophesied of his son in the womb of a great wrestling career. David devised a Plan for his little Daniel, and started to train them already at the age of five years.

Today, Daniel Dubois is 22 years old, built like a Greek God and is considered to be one of the greatest talents, not only in the heavyweight division, but in the entire sport of Boxing. “He is one of the most promising heavyweight that I’ve ever seen,” says his Promoter Frank Warren. Dubois‘ strike force is scary. 13 of its 14 opponents he defeated in advance. His Fights are just for 2.9 rounds and he is the third youngest British champion in the heavy weight of all time.

“the Plan we are implementing, since I’m five years old. And it works great,“ says Dubois. Was he trained initially at home by his father before he was even as a child, his sporting home in the legendary London Peacock Gym with Martin and Tony Bowers. As an Amateur, Dubois was the English Junior champion and won silver at the Brandenburg Cup. Even though he was traded in the UK as a potential Olympic candidate, he changed to 2017, with an Amateur fight record of 69 Wins and only six defeats professional.

“Only a few wanted to climb into the Ring with me. And the British Association wanted to have time with me and my career,“ says Daniel. A Plan that is not his fit. “My father and I got together and decided that it is time for the next step in my career.” In January 2017, in the Dubois wrote a promoters contract with Frank Warren. In April of the same year he made his professional debut. In Manchester required Dubois for the absolutely hapless Marcus Kelly is only 35 seconds. Similarly, it was his next opponents.

role models are Tyson, Lewis and Bruno

But it was the fact that Dubois is beating his opponents in advance, but how he does it that impresses most is not. No matter whether left hook to the head or body, right uppercut in the Infight, the pumping Jab or the dangerous rights Just on the outside. Dubois is offensive extremely variable, and his punch Arsenal is already one of the Best of what’s on offer at the heavy weight today. You can feel really the massive pressure behind his punches.

“I’ve worked very hard on my physique and it shows today,” says Dubois. He wasn’t always so muscular. “The developed only in the last few years. But I was built has always been very strong. I used to do three hours at a stretch pushups. This has increased my basic fitness and stamina to the extreme.“

His personal ring heroes are three big names: Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis and Frank Bruno. Daniel studied it as a child on the video cassettes of his father. “They were great boxers, each in its own way. they have their goals with an iron will,” says Dubois, almost reverently. “I want to bring themselves to the point where I have the current Champs and challenge. If my Team thinks I’m ready for that, then we attack.“ The current Champs Anthony Joshua (WBA Super, IBF and WBO) as well as Tyson Fury (WBC and The Ring) are two country people Dubois’, which could expire if everything goes according to Plan, in a few years, in a gigantic Showdown on the British Youngster with the dynamite fists

“Power in both fists”

could be meetings such As this, should at least know Joshua already. Dubois was as a sparring partner in the AJ Camp. For years, rumors that he had sent Joshua in Sparring on the boards were. Some time ago, Dynamite has confirmed “” the. “It has shown me that I have Power in both fists. But the Sparring was especially a great experience for me“, the Youngster diplomatically.

His biggest victory Dubois, whose sister, Caroline, by the way, one of the biggest British Boxing hopes for the Olympic games, celebrated last July. At the time, man, Nathan Gorman, awaited him with his country in a match for the British championship is a great challenge. Also Gorman was considered a rising and promising man. At the bookies, Dubois was a favorite, but the rates were still relatively close to each other. In contrast to the performance in the Ring on that 13. July. In front of the eyes of Tyson Fury, Frank Bruno, who were both sitting ringside, demo Dubois consulted his opponent and won impressively by Knockout in round five.

His next Fight would be at 11. April to take place in London’s O2 Arena. In a duel for the championship, Dubois would be made on his country man, Joe Joyce. Due to the Corona-crisis, but was moved to this duel, for the time being. Dubois has to wait probably. Then he should get his EM a Chance. But even this tradition-rich title should be pots for the Top-Prospect is only a way station on the way to the big meat. One thing remains now to be noted: Daniel Dubois is all it takes to be the next big Champion in the Premier class.Text: Benjamin Stroka

This Text first appeared in BOXING 05/20

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