The former formula 1 Star Gerhard Berger sees for the Failure of Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari is not the main responsible. The four-time world champion from Heppenheim, and the dazzling Italian team would have lived simply “falling apart,” said the Austrian in an Interview with

Vettel will need “a Team, where he is the absolute core of everything happening around him and only for him is made. And if he did from morning to night, is precisely this care, he can retrieve the absolute Top services,” said the 60-Year-old: “If Sebastian has to be in this direct competition, as in the case of Ferrari with Charles Leclerc, then he is at risk of becoming a bit to lose the nerves. And that’s exactly what happened.” In addition, it has managed the Ferrari’s now six years together, never, “to build him a convincing and dominant vehicle”.

formula 1: Berger trust Vettel Ferrari-success

The current DTM Boss Berger, of the dangers of self-six years for the Scuderia and well in the Mission world title had failed to consider: “It have managed only two drivers to control the Ferrari Team so and so replenish, with experts from the outside that it has taken a dominant Position. These were Niki Lauda and Michael Schumacher.”

The legendary Austrian Lauda in 1975 and 1977 world champion in the Ferrari, and Schumacher (Champion from 2000 to 2004) would be “in addition to their high racer quality, but also very good Management qualities proven”. Berger known, he would never have thought that Vettel “this German thoroughness, his ambition and his accuracy,” a similar success story.

The way of Vettel, and Ferrari disconnect to the end of the season after the Scuderia made the 53-times Grand Prix winner is not a new contract offer. The space on the side of the Monegasque Leclerc will occupy 2021, the Spaniard Carlos Sainz junior (currently McLaren).

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