Gets the FC Schalke a state guarantee by the state of NRW? In addition, a content is the upper limit in the room. And now Boss Clemens Tönnies back.

Schalke 04* will receive financial support from the NRW -state government. The guarantee is to help the Royal blue to survive the Coronavirus-crisis . According to media reports, the Chairman of the Board Clemens Tönnies back – on Wednesday, a press conference will be held.

Gelsenkirchen – the FC Schalke with a guarantee on the water? For the third Time in four years, the FC Schalke 04 , the lucrative international business and, therefore, immensely important receipts in the struggle for competitiveness in Germany’s football top. missed For fiscal year 2019, the League announced-Twelfth liabilities in the amount of 197 million euros. Then the Coronavirus-crisis and the sporty decay followed. Now Royal blue public assistance.


FC Schalke 04


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sports Board of Directors:

Jochen Schneider

Chairman of the Board:

Clemens Tönnies



As the Handelsblatt reports, the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia a Landesb ürgschaft for the financially ailing FC Schalke in the amount of 40 million euros. Thus, it should be Royal blue allows for an Emergency loan. The image is called, in this context, a sum of around 30 million euros. Reason, the Coronavirus-crisis lack of revenue from areas such as Ticketing, sponsorship and advertising. are Therefore, have worsened the financial Situation at Schalke dramatically, as* reported.

Schalke 04 receives financial support from the NRW state government

It’s not the first Time that the FC Schalke might get a guarantee from the Land. The state of NRW guaranteed already in the funding of the Veltins Arena, as well as the renovation of the club grounds at Berger field. The reports from Sky and the WAZ. This time, however, the money should not flow in any projects or personnel plans, but only taking failures to compensate for due to the Coronavirus crisis.

Although North Rhine-Westphalian state government , according to the Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU), still no decision on a guarantee for FC Schalke 04 hit. The millions of aid, however, will be on Wednesday during the press conference with sporting Director Jochen Schneider and coach David Wagner* officially made known to. Laschet reiterated on Tuesday only, there will be no “Lex Schalke”.

Schalke 04, Clemens Tönnies announces resignation

should also be clarified how to do it with FC Schalke more. A break is imminent. Not least because of a further measure which could also be announced. Accordingly, the FC Schalke 04 the first team, introducing in the future a salary cap for its players*.

it is Clear: There will be an earthquake on Schalke. On Tuesday afternoon, the “image”newspaper reported that Clemens Tönnies resigns from his office as Chairman of the Supervisory Council*. During the last season game against SC Freiburg, there were Fan protests at the club grounds Berger field against Tönnies*. The contractor is advised due to the massive outbreak of the Coronavirus in his meat factory under pressure. Many hundreds of Tönnies employees are suffering from Covid-19. The Slaughterhouse in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany had to be closed, in the districts of Gütersloh and Warendorf were many loose undo. Among other things, kindergartens and schools had to close, also people from the circle need to Gütersloh in the case of holiday travel has a negative Coranavirus-Test sub way.

+ state guarantee, salary cap, and now the Tönnies-quake: The person in charge of the FC Schalke will have to answer at the press conference on Wednesday many of the questions.©Reuters / Ina Fassbender

FC Schalke press conference to the country of citizenship on Wednesday

Schalke will now be torn into this whirlpool. the guarantee , salary cap , redundancy a long-time employee, the completely messed-up in the Bundesliga and now the Tönnies-quake. The person responsible will have to answer at the press conference on Wednesday a lot of questions. * is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

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