Germany seems to be the Corona to have a pandemic of something to get a grip. However, this is not the case everywhere. An Overview of the most affected countries.

in the World called the Corona-pandemic* 9.6 million cases, more than 490,000 Dead. The danger of the Virus is still not banned. The focal points shift only. An Overview of the currently most Covid-19-affected countries. Here you will find the basic facts to the Coronavirus* and the Corona-News from Germany. We also offer them in a map, the current case numbers in Germany*. Currently, there are also the following recommendations to the Corona-protection measures*.

Munich – Germany seems to get the Corona-crisis visibly in the grip. Even if the reproduction number has increased recently, the Situation has normalized a bit. While the pandemic , and the protective measures shaped a few weeks ago, the whole country, prepare almost all the local Hotspots like Gütersloh and Berlin-Neukölln concern.

According to a recent report on the situation of the Robert-Koch-Institute have for the Wednesday (24. June) from eight States less than ten new Corona-cases reported. 66 percent of the reported 477 new infections are spread on the North Rhine-Westphalia (158), Bayern (80) and Berlin (75). Currently, the Federal counts, according to RKI a total of 192.556 known cases, of which, however, already around 177.100 Infected recovering are (Stand: 25. June, 0 p.m.)

In other countries, however, the situation is significantly more precarious. An Overview on the Basis of the data of the Johns Hopkins University (26. June 17 PM):

Coronavirus in the USA: the country with the most Infected

The United States continue to be the most affected by the pandemic affected the country. A total of 2.422.555 confirmed cases (of which 1.634.569 currently) and 124.424 Dead mean an inglorious first place in the worldwide comparison.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump * is apparently everything, to his country show. On Thursday evening (local time) he claimed on Twitter that the mortality rate of Coronavirus in the United States is one of the lowest in the world. According to JHU the USA with a mortality rate from the current level of 5.1%, but take the sixth place. Ranked as one of the United Kingdom (14.0%) in is.

Also in the Figures showing the deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, cut off the USA bad. With a value of 38,03 per 100,000 inhabitants is the United States place three documents. Worse, it is only in Spain (60,63) and the UK (65,14).

Coronavirus in Brazil: A focal point of the pandemic – approximately 500,000 active cases

Similar to the Situation in Brazil is . In the largest country in Latin America have been infected in the meantime 1.228.114 people, 54.971 died. It is expected that the Recovering path, stay 494.000 active cases.

critics accuse the country to have a lot of late reaction to the crisis. This is put in particular on the controversial President Jair Bolsonaro . The “tropical-Trump,” as he is called by many, is in crisis, yet a bad Part.

Coronavirus in Chile and Peru: High case numbers in South America

Difficult is the Corona-pandemic has caught in the meantime Chile and Peru . the Chile has a total of 259.064 Covid-19-cases . After the situation had looked good two weeks ago, still bleak, have stabilized the new infections in recent days, however, and already 219.327 persons are considered to be recovered. A total of 4.903 people died.

In Peru , where a total of 8.761 people died as a result of Covid-19, are already 151.225 as recovered. Thus, the country has 32 million in approximately twice as many inhabitants as Chile comes to the current level of about 108,000 active cases.

Coronavirus in Sweden: The exceptionalism claimed many Infected

Sweden went to the Corona-crisis, a different approach is considered in hindsight, with increasing criticism. The government continued, with few restrictions and more responsibility of the population. However, this Plan did not really, had to recently admit that even Sweden’s state epidemiologist.

In the Scandinavian country have been registered more than 65,000 Infected. 5.280 people died as a result of a Covid-19-disease . How many of the Convalescent, there are in the country, it is not apparent from the data in the JHU . The situation is still dramatic, shows the comparison with other Scandinavian countries, as well as with Germany : Sweden , only about one-eighth of the German population size, with around 10 million inhabitants, but about a third of the Infected.

+ Anders Tegnell spring is a leader for the exceptionalism, the country had embarked on. The state epidemiologist had to admit that the last error. ©AFP / MAGNUS ANDERSSON

Coronavirus in China and India: Different position in the billion-States

In the two most populous countries in the world, the situation is quite different. While China strong where the Virus had broken out at the end of 2019, now only a few new Infected reports, the Situation in India is still precarious.

the beginning of the week had reported to the authorities, there have been about more than 15,000 new infections. Meanwhile, a hospital is threatened with collapse because there is simply no more capacity are available. The capital of Delhi is particularly affected. The government chief Arvind Kejriwal says: “a week Ago, we had about 24,000. That means that we now have 1000 active cases, the situation is far from stabilizing.“ A total of India on 490.401 cases and 15.301 dead in 285.537 Recover comes.

In China caused a new outbreak in Beijing recently for concern, but the drastic measures were able to prevent the big wave of new infections, apparently. The city was partially sealed off. Flights to and from the capital is massively reduced. The bus transport to other provinces set. Currently, China on 84.704 confirmed cases and 4.641 dead. The number of Rehabilitated is, in the meantime, however, in the case of 79.577 people.

Coronavirus in the world: the danger is still not banned – the Hotspots are shifting

all in All, is not defeated by the Corona-pandemic certainly. The places where the Virus is raging the most, shift only. After Europe seems to be the worst of it survived (in Italy, Spain, France or the UK, the infections go back), meets Covid-19 currently, America is particularly strong. It is feared that the great wave reached then Africa, where health systems are often in a catastrophic state, and Corona could, therefore, be a major Problem. (as) * -item id-Article-content-item-copyright”> section list image:©picture alliance/dpa / White House

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