Massive criticism of the Ministry of health. Has gambled away the Federal authority and the traders cheated them out of? The affected suppliers of protection equipment seem to want to complain.

high times Corona-crisis * the Ministry of health (BMG) ordered a large amount of protective equipment*. To the extent there is now but probably huge problems. Has miscalculated the BMG to Minister Jens Spahn *? And this goes now to the detriment of the manufacturer? The allegations are acute. Here you will find the basic facts to the Coronavirus* and the current case numbers in Germany*, as well as the Corona-News from Germany. All the information on there is also on our Facebook page Corona News.

Berlin – Mouth guard-Chaos in Berlin. The Federal Ministry of health (BMG) to Minister, Jens Spahn (CDU) seems to have messed up neatly. The suppliers of the mouth – and nose protection* are mad and feel cheated, it is a legal dispute, including class action suit is imminent.

trigger of the dispute, the Open House of BMG . In this model, the Client (the BMG) includes any company that offers the relevant products – in this case, protection masks, to previously specified conditions to be binding, a contract. The objective of the BMG it was to meet the immense demand for surgical and FFP – 2 masks* the beginning of the Corona of a pandemic as quickly as possible.

Coronavirus: a criticism of the Ministry – “the only thing Worse than trading with Amazon”

as a result of the call, the Ministry went to the end of March to the Public, reported that many of the entrepreneurs that presented their mouth protection masks available. There were 738. With this crowd, the BMG was not expecting that but apparently. Critics accuse the Ministry of health, to be overwhelmed. Large quantities of delivery would not now be picked up for weeks – the dealer threatened to ultimately be stuck with the costs. The research of the “daily mirror”.

An anonymous supplier, who put the masks on contacts to China available, is still queued on the half of his money, a “low seven-digit amount.” He is disappointed by the BMG , and says: “With the BMG, or even of the government, I’m going to make my life no more business.” Another, also unnamed, schimpt entrepreneurs: “This is worse than to trade with Amazon.”

Coronavirus: armed to the mouth – and nose protection under the BMG is proposing 4.2 million euros?

The daily mirror also reports of a Forum of traders, in which they complain about the Actions of the government in Berlin . The speech is, supposedly, a gigantic sum in the amount of 4.2 billion , the Ministry of health owe.

The silent but apparently obstinate to the concerns of the suppliers. Several questions had remained for weeks unanswered, it says. Furthermore, attempts by the dealer placated or references to quality defects in the masks, because those would be the product not accept.

The entrepreneurs are obviously left alone and afraid of the financial consequences. Some contributed to “straight bankruptcy,” as one dealer tells.

+ The Ministry of health Minister Jens Spahn in the criticism.©dpa / Kay Nietfeld

Corona grievances to the Ministry of health: BMG class action lawsuit

threatens The allegedly injured party suppliers now want to go to court and expect a good chance of. In the said Forum, the speech of a collection will be suit . Represented the operator of Thomas Mösinger, Frankfurt a specialist lawyer for public procurement law. According to the lawyers is due to the Open House a mandatory acceptance guarantee.

It’ll make a difference, “if I order a Pizza, or declare that I’ll pay for all the pizzas to be delivered to me, then”. The BMG have underestimated, therefore, “how many people have any China Connections, with which they hoped then to be easy to pull a multi-million contract”.

Coronavirus: Federal Ministry of health have made “a huge error”

The Federal authority have thus “made a huge mistake, even if you have no problems, and with an upper limit for the amount of delivery an emergency procurement procedures set up”.

How to do it in this matter, remains to be seen. Might have to make the Ministry of health on a lengthy legal battle taken. With the output open.

Jens Spahn warns too party-heavy travel – which had allowed the Federal government shortly before the first officially.


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