The pharmaceutical company Hexal calls back currently of one of its drugs. The Federal Union of German associations of Pharmacists warns of Overdose.

The German drugs maker Hexal calls currently in one of its products*. The affected Batch may be incorrectly printed. As a result, the risk of accidental Overdose is.

Munich Hexal AG has sent an urgent medicines message to pharmacists and customers. The company is headquartered in wooden churches in Munich calling a drug return , because the packaging could be wrong printed .

from the callback, the drug L Thyrox Hexal in the dosage strength of 100 micrograms for thyroid patient to use, such as pharmacies, newspaper is reported to be Affected.

drug recall of Hexal: pack wrong

Thus printed could be printed in a Batch of the drug, the Blister , so the transparent individual packaging of the tablets, wrong be*. On the back of the Blister would be, instead of the active ingredient-indication “100 micrograms” mistakenly “25 micro-grams”. All the Blister but actually, tablets of 100 micrograms of the active ingredient is levothyroxine sodium. On the carton containing the Blister, the value is noted, therefore, correct.

all L-Thyrox-packs, but only a Batch are not Affected. recognize pharmacists and customers to have the following characteristics:

PZN: 00811744 batch number: KK2878 expiration date: 06/2021

Other batches, dose Strengths or package sizes of the drug were not affected.

drug recall: risk of Overdose is warns – “to block immediately the sale

The drug Commission of the German pharmacists (AMK), that due to the labelling error, “the risk of accidental Overdose” was. such An Overdose could pull the symptoms, such as occur in the case of a Hyperfunction of the thyroid gland, according to themselves.

The AMK asks, therefore, all the pharmacist to Check the stocks. the “Concerned medicinal product is to lock of pharmacies and wholesale promptly from the sale to” , it means more. The first delivery of the Goods concerned was, therefore, on the 27. March.

If our customers do have packs of the relevant Batch at home, you will be asked to contact your pharmacy in combination. Alternatively, the direct contact to Hexal AG could be looking for. To office times under the number +49 (0) 800 / 439 25 27, outside of office hours under +49 (0) 2065 / 256 1665 or by E-Mail to

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