Bavarian football Association decides on the continuation of the season 20219/20 in Junior women and Junior men. U17 TSV 1860 Munich creates a rise in the U17 Bundesliga.

BfV decides to abort the current season in juniors Junior playing season to the end of TSV 1860 Munich creates a rise in the U17-Bundesliga

Munich – the continuation of The game operation of the men and women decided on the Bavarian football Association (BfV) already. Now were taken from the BfV’s proposals of a solution group , as with the season 2019/20 the Junior women and Junior men should be treated.

season crash in the juniors

The termination of the season in the juniors may be a surprise to many. Association-youth leaders Florian white man explains in a notice to the BfV, why this decision was virtually no alternative. For one, there is in the field of youth “totally different framework than men’s”. So about half of the be 14.100 teams in the F – to C-Junior area in the not-rise of guardians game active. “Another important aspect is the targeted and vintage cross-toothed talent is,” adds white man. In addition, the different structures on the circle, district and Association level.

Why resume Junior of the season?

the continuation of The season in the Junior women is primarily as a result of a social component. the Sandra Hofman n, Chairman of the Association’s Committee on women and girls worked in the sub-group Junior. “The theme ‘binding’ of the game has in the juniors for the clubs a much bigger weight, than the adult or Junior.” For example, the sense of community about the sporting ambition would be in the Junior often. Club representatives were also afraid to lose in case of a crash a lot of players. It could not then come to team resolutions, what is the Junior indoor game operating handle, maybe.

TSV 1860 München: the rise in the U17-Bundesliga perfect

The BfV clarified in addition to the promotion and relegation issue in the Junior area. On the Basis of a ratio control is the best placed of the climb ascends a legitimate team, and on the relegation place Team standing. Therefore, the U17 TSV 1860 München return to the U17-Bundesliga succeeds . In 2017, the young lions experienced a plague year, as the U19 and U17 from the Federal leagues descents. Both Teams have not managed since then, the required re-ascent. To be able to the best talent at the grünwalder Straße lure needs to be the TSV in the highest youth League in the process. The return in the U17-Bundesliga is expected to drive the youth organization of the lions back ahead.

Text: Jonas Grundmann