The season 2020/21 falls. The season 2019/20 to be played on 20 weekends to the end. The BFV plans in addition to attractive special offers.

Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen – hockey players, handball players, bowlers, and all of the other athletes of the Federal Republic of Germany have canceled their respective leagues due to the Corona-crisis in the midst of the current game operations for a long time. Also 19 of the 21 football national associations have finished season 2019/20 in advance. Only in Bavaria (and Thuringia) go to the official watches are obviously different, because the Bavarian football Association (BFV) broke the season last April, only and football games (for the time being) to 31. August.

The season 2020/21 falls out

in this respect, the decision of the BFV from last Saturday is logical and was to be expected. “The BFVinfolge of the pandemic-related disruption of the current season 2019/20 used solvents working group (LAG) ,game mode League and Cup adults’ has unanimously decided that the season 2020/21 cannot take place for men and women for reasons of time and because of the lack of play dates,” said the BFV on its Homepage. In the working groups talked about game Director and club representatives of all classes about the further procedure and agreed, the game of the year 2019/2020, up to 30. To extend to June 2021. In clear text: In Bavaria, there will be no football season 2020/21.

To 20 week-ends to be finished the 2019/2020 season

under the calendar of the BFV, listed 20 a week to the season, with all the point – and – placement and decision play out. Two main considerations moved the officials, in order to complete the depending on the leagues strength between ten to 17 outstanding point games. Games of the week should only take place in exceptional cases. Finally, the players are as normal employees of their Clubs during the week and only available to a limited extent. In addition, the associations often do not have a game suitable for flood light. On the other hand you have to take into account in upper Bavaria because of the weather, a minimum of four-month winter break.

The additional offer of: “can a modified Cup competition, or a kind of Play-off round to be”

created By this planning the needed flexibility to respond to different developments, on the other hand – it should allow the appointment situation – an additional offer to the regular leagues-game operation. Models will be developed in the coming weeks. “It is clear that the additional competition must have a sporting value, and hence attractiveness, and in addition, season for the clubs,” says BFV-Treasurer Jürgen wrinkles Bacher: “The can play a modified Cup competition with a group or a kind of Play-off round.” WOLFGANG STAUNER