as a result of the Corona pandemic could increase the risk of attacks with biological weapons, think safety experts of the Council of Europe. You have now been warned explicitly against such scenarios.

in the light of the Corona*pandemic> security experts of the Council of Europe to make <strong reinforced Concerns about future terrorist attacks. The pandemic show the vulnerability of modern societies due to virus infections. the attacks with bio-weapons could be, therefore, in the future more likely.

Berlin/Strasbourg – security experts of the Council of Europe have warned in the Wake of the Corona-pandemic* before the risk of terrorist attacks with bio-weapons . “The Covid-19 pandemic has shown how vulnerable modern societies are due to viral infections and vibration-potential”, to quote the Newspapers of the Funke media group (Monday edition) from an opinion of the Council of Europe Committee for the fight against terrorism.

Corona pandemic could be a lesson for terrorist groups

There is no reason to believe that terrorist groups would forget this lesson from the Corona pandemic. All countries are susceptible to it: “The damage quickly and potentially global “, – stated in the opinion. The information, according to German security authorities, but have so far no references to the corresponding abutment preparations .

according to The report, it is stated in the opinion, the intentional use of a pathogen or other biological active substance by terrorists “may prove to be highly effective”. The damage to people and the economy could be far greater than in the case of “traditional” terrorist attacks, societies would over a longer period of time paralyzed rooms spread fear and also distrust far beyond the directly affected communities sown.

experts call for preparation to combat biological attacks

Now the experts are calling for a strengthened and coordinated response of the European States to this threat. The Committee, in the security experts of the Council of Europe member States to work together, is in favour of, the fight against biological attacks in Exercises to train .

At the request of the spark-Newspapers, said the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution, to date no concrete or abstract Tatplan “or” serious ideas or thoughts games had been found in Germany “to bioterrorist activities”. Further, it was said, that in the “the unlikely event” of such a plot , the terrorist militia Islamic state or Al-Qaeda most likely to stand behind it should.

at the beginning of April had already told the UN Secretary-General António Guterres , a increasing the risk of future attacks by Bioterroristen , with the aim of a pandemic such as the current.

the severity of the effects of the Corona are pandemic, it is currently daily. In particular, the USA and Russia are currently affected extremely by the virus spread.

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