Alexander Zverev allowed himself a Mega-misstep. First, he announced, to go into quarantine, then a Party Video was his undoing. On Twitter, the Situation escalated.

The German Tennis professional Alexander “Sascha” Zverev is currently powerful in the criticism. Trigger a Video that demonstrates the violation of the Corona-requirements and Zverevs Isolation. Then,> Boris Becker and Nick Kygrios fought <strong have a heated argument on Twitter.

Update from 30. June: The Party-Video of Alexander Zverev continues to beat high waves. After the on Monday, of all things, Nick Kygrios more than critical of the behavior of Zverez expressed, now Tennis legend, Boris Becker via Twitter to word, and the Australian Tennis-bully pre-buttoned.

“We live in a pandemic, with the name COVID-19 ,” wrote the former Wimbledon Champion to the address of Kyrgios : “This is terrible and has claimed many lives. We should protect our families and loved ones, and the Corona-follow guidelines, but I just don’t like rats!“

The counter by the Australian, of course, not have to wait long: “ Boris Becker is a bigger fool than I thought”, the Kyrgios , the enjoys on the ATP Tour because of his outburst the best reputation wrote. “For heaven’s sake, Boris, I’m not competing here, and not trying to make someone a scapegoat,” said the 25-Year-old. “It is a global pandemic, and if someone is as idiotic as Alex that he I criticise what he has done, then him. Quite simple.“ Kyrgios was not joking also, the Volley is clearly the sharpest tool in Becker.

The let Becker , of course, sit up and back shot against Kyrgios : “You’re a funny guy! How is it Down Under? You think you are all the guidelines?“ As a result, the Australian answered: “Haha, all good, Bro! Do now not like you to be my friend, just because you’ve calmed down now.“

Alexander Zverev: crazy Twitter fight between Becker and Kyrgios after Corona-scandal

Thereupon, Becker moved the discussion into Sports: “I would really like to see if Nick Kyrgios his potential, and a Grand Slam would win,” says Becker: “He was an incredible role model for the youth of the world, which deals with the topics of equality/race/heritage! A man, my friend, and fulfill your task!“

Also Kyrgios responded, of course. “Why are we talking about Tennis? It has nothing to do with Tennis?“, he asked rhetorically: “How would it be if the guy you’re defending, pull himself together and give us a statement? And no more website Management-I’m sorry.“

to be continued. Determined …

Tennis Star Alexander Zverev after scandal under fire: colleague: “It pisses me off”

first message of 29. June: Monte-Carlo – The broken Adriatic Tour , where, among other things, the tennis players Borna Coric , Grigor Dimitrov and Novak Djokovic with the corona virus* infected, caused a lot of criticism. The German tennis professional Alexander Zverev announced a week ago, to go about in two weeks of Isolation and has now been spotted on a Party . The Australian Nick Kyrgios was then violently against the 23-Year-old.

Zverev: Corona-Party in Monte Carlo Philipp Plein betrayed the professional Tennis player with Video

+ Sascha Zverev (R) has interrupted his quarantine for a Party.©picture alliance/dpa / Albert Perez

Alexander Zverev will regret this error probably. Via his Twitter and Instagram*Account, he announced, to go in quarantine and apologized to the people who were exposed because of him the risk of infection. But just six days later, he was caught at a Party in Monte Carlo.

Curiously, would be the ride the Tennis Stars is not missing passes well to the Public, would have fashion designers Philipp Plein his cell phone in his pocket and left. However, the Designer, had recently, in a bizarre appearance at the time, a Video in his Instagram Story*, the Zverev* showed in boisterous celebrate .

Zverev: Nick Kyrgios criticized Zverev sharp “This world’s Tennis makes me sick”

A Tennis player , for its emotionality known, answered now in a Instagram Story* on the spectacle of one of the German star players. “I see a lot of controversial things, but one thing that struck me was Sascha Zverev – again, again, again…”, the Australian, Nick Kyrgios his rant.

How selfish can you be? How selfish can you be? If you have the audacity to post a Tweet, your Management, in his name, has written, in which you apologize publicly and say you’re staying for 14 days, then stay the fuck at home . Stay with your friend* 14 days at home! the It pisses me off, this Tennis-world pisses me off.

Whether the sharp and accustomed to honest review from Kyrgios at the 23-Year-old arrived is not known. Neither Zverev nor his Management have so far failed to respond to the incident or the response Video.(ajr) * is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.