Interview: Benjamin Stroka

Mr. Volckmann, the duel between Jack Culcay and Abass Baraou is a fight that many Fans and experts look alike. How do you see the Fight?

I can see Jack because of his experience with approximately 60:40 in advantage. I’ve seen several fights of Abass and must say that he really is a good technician. He hits a lot and very clean, is fast, agile and moves well. But the power Jack also. Jack adjusts himself to his opponent always. With his last Fight against Howard Cospolite I was not so satisfied, the Jack, however, was also. In the case of Abass, he knows that he is a strong opponent expects, and he will prepare properly and be set accordingly. Therefore, I expect a narrow victory, but a victory for Jack.

How the negotiations with Team Sauerland are lost in your eyes?

a Total of good, we agreed after some Back and Forth relatively quickly. First Considerations there were already before the fight in June. Our Plan is that Jack boxes no later than next year again to a world title. As we have looked, of course, which of your opponents are not feasible, and who is in the rank lists. There is always resurfaced Abass, who is the IBF a place behind Jack. This is an exciting all-German pairing of and for both boxers it still has the advantage that it is an elimination fight for second place in the IBF ranking list.

Will there be spectators in the hall?

Overall, we can have 118 people in the hall, but also all of the boxers, employees, technicians, etc. have A free sale of it is therefore, unfortunately, if at all, only for a very small number of Tickets to give. We had hoped that by then the distance rule may be charged. Then we could have 300 spectators in the according to the current state is not so. We, however, stay tuned, because it will change sometimes on a weekly basis, something in the restrictions. If we have the opportunity to let more people in, then we will do that of course.

Can you say something about a possible TV or Streaming?

We are talking with various TV stations and hope that they recognize the quality of the event. With Culcay vs. Baraou, and the second main bout Jama Saidi vs. Vincent Feigenbutz, we are able to offer well-known names in high class and very exciting Fight. Therefore, we speak to this time many of the larger stations, and hope that we can make the duels a wide mass of viewers available.

In the preliminary program, it comes to a duel between Jama Saidi and Vincent Feigenbutz in the medium weight. Vincent comes straight from the super-medium-down, Jama has recently been promoted from the semi-medium. How do you estimate the, is Saidi have this physical disadvantages?

no, I hope even that will be an advantage for us. Jama had to boil in half means very much what it has cost him a bit of substance. In the medium-weight, he now feels right at home. The fight is very important for Jama because he is someone who always wants to pit against the good guys. He has the right attitude, our guys have been training anyway professionally, I am therefore of good things.

Can you tell something else to another? According to a fight for the German Middleweight championship between Vincenzo Gualitieri and Thomas Piccirillo is 12, the on. June, Agon has scheduled beat Boxer Adam Amkhadov,.

Exactly, the fight, we are planning for the 28. August and are also very confident. Piccirillo has shown against Adam a good fight, and this Fight deserves. This is a duel Fighter vs. technician. Piccirillo is always to the front, Vincenzo is a good technician, because I reckon with an attractive duel at eye level.

Adam Amkhadov on 28. August is also back in the Ring?

Yes, Adam gets a tough opponent. He must now prove what he can do. And we know that a boxer, he has a lot on it. Unfortunately, he is sometimes a little lazy, I have to say so clearly. But maybe that was a good warning shot for him. In Sparring, he often shows that he is a gifted Boxer. Over the first three rounds he can cause any problems, but after that, it is a little more difficult and he must have to focus on stamina and pure slopes. On 28 August, by the way, also Fabian Thiemke will be back in the Ring. The fight in June, he had to cancel due to a death in the family, in the short term, but in August he will be riding his fifth professional fight best.

what’s the Plan for Artur man?

Artur in Berlin boxes. With him we are not about the opponent but still secure. Most recently, he has delivered a super idea, clean boxes shown. I like that style very well.

Björn Chic had to on 12. June a defeat, complained after the fight about a bad headache. How is he?

Bjorn is fine. We have all the medical Checks and are fine. We assume that Björn will, at the latest, in November back in the Ring.

Agon is considered to be stable in a goal-oriented and long-term plans. You can already tell, on how many Events the Fans 2020 can look forward to?

We are planning for November a big Event in Gütersloh, even over two days (Friday and Saturday; d. ed.) is to take place. Since we are working with the Amateurs together, there are too many boxers for a night. Therefore, the decision to spread the Event over two days.

are you with Agon now in its third year since its inception. What is your previous conclusion?

It really is a lot of fun, but it is not a simple business. The boxers are good guys and honest worker, defeats hurt me personally really. A television Partner would be very nice to cover at least the cost. I have to earn with the sport of Boxing no money, but at least a “Zero” would be writing quite a bit. But I think we are on a good way. The people perceive us and they also notice that we set reasonable fights. We have good boxers and also interesting young talents like Fabian Thiemke, or Adam Amkhadov. To Tyron witness is yet to come. His next fight, incidentally, is scheduled for November. Since he is Boxing against Giovanni De Carolis, for the European championship. Overall, I see a good Mix and us well positioned for the future.

*The contribution of “Agon Boss Volckmann: “Boxing is not a simple business,”” is published by Contact with the executives here.