Black celebrated his 26. Birthday in the lost Auer Pizza house. Also present was the said Ex-fiancee. After the Celebration, the 26-year-old hairdresser followed the Boxer to the Parking lot. There Black has to be the Parking lot with a Ring confused. The Boxer punched and hit his Ex in the chin. “The woman came injured to the hospital and had to be operated on”, – stated in the police report. Meanwhile, the heavyweight was displayed.

The public Prosecutor’s office deals with the Events. The SES Boxing stable was referring to the incident by press spokesman Christof Haverkamp immediately position: “We have Black suspended in accordance with the first information about this operation immediately and give him access to the Trainingsgym locked. This applies until the final clarification of the incident. Further measures, we reserve the right. It is also important that we distance ourselves emphatically from any Form of violence!”

Box professional Black could face up to ten years in prison

The Couple was together for three years. In the fight in Las Vegas against Tyson Fury Tessa stood in the previous year at the Ring. She accompanied Tom to the heavy Knockout in the second round to the hospital. After the return should be married in the home. But in the summer everything was. Tom Black was confirmed at the time: “It is true that we have separated us.” It seemed to be a peaceful separation, at least the claims of both sides. But one can be fooled. dpa Tom Black (r) had to decide no Chance against Tyson Fury

As it is now continues, the Prosecutor’s office, because it was collected for display. The blond Ex-girlfriend is supposed to have a broken jaw suffered. In case of serious injury can threaten the Boxer for up to ten years in prison. As a pop star, Annemarie Eilfeld had as its predecessor, the Tessa’s happiness. She left without damage from the relationship to Black out. The heavyweight had his last fight on June 28. September of last year, in the Magdeburg Stadthalle in Alma-Ata, born in Hamburg Ilja Mezencev competed in and points won.

Thiam: “it is Not racism with boots, bald head, and slogans scares me” PCP Thiam: “it is Not racism with boots, bald head, and slogans makes me afraid”

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