Jordan Larsson is considered a candidate for an early winter exit at Schalke 04. The wing plans that are being made regarding the transfer window add even more pressure on him.

Opinions are divided on Schalke around Jordan Larsson.

Some of the fans are disappointed in him because they had high expectations of the offensive player. You see ten competitive matches and not a single scorer point. Because his contract only applies to the Bundesliga, they would sell him in January in order to be able to generate at least minimal income.

The other part of the fans still sees him as an opportunity to set up a much more flexible offensive game. They point to the fundamental lack of structure under Frank Kramer, during whose tenure the offensive game could easily be forgotten. Accordingly, they think Larsson hasn’t really been able to show himself yet, so he deserves a chance under Thomas Reis.

Two opinions on an important topic. From the outside, it seems as if those in charge at Royal Blue are more inclined to the first view. According to several media reports, he is actually a candidate for a winter exit.

S04 is increasing this already existing pressure on Larsson with the transfer plans that Reis, Knäbel and Co. have already made.

The coach would like to be provided with two new, fast outside players. While Tim Skarke is seen as the favorite to make the loan move while some details are yet to be worked out, Under-23 youngster Soichiro Kozuki could become number two winger. When it comes to the Japanese, Reis can hardly stop raving.

As soon as the two join the team, the Gelsenkircheners have a whopping six players in the squad who can play on the wings. In addition to the two newcomers, that would be Karaman, Mohr, Bülter and Larsson. A lot of staff that can be divided between two positions – and probably has to be.

Evading is hardly possible. Bülter and Karaman, who could also play in attack, meet Simon Terodde and Sebastian Polter there. Mohr, who can also play left-back at least in theory, meets Thomas Ouwejan there. Thus, these Schalke will focus primarily on the flanks.

That puts pressure on Larsson in particular. After all, players like Bülter or Mohr are not given up. The Swede, on the other hand, is considered a candidate for sale anyway. The fact that he cut a pretty good figure in central midfield in the last test game is a small glimmer of hope for him, but by no means a breakthrough.

If the promoted team finally decides to give up the 25-year-old prematurely, at least the salary of the second half of the season would be saved. Certainly not too big numbers, but especially at Schalke you know: Even small animals make a mess.

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