Eintracht Frankfurt board member Philipp Reschke has strongly condemned the riots before and after the Champions League game at Italian top club SSC Naples.

“We deeply regret the incidents that happened here. There is absolutely nothing to justify this violence. We may have all feared it, but it is and will remain unacceptable,” said Reschke before the team left.

The violence that erupted in street battles surrounding Wednesday night’s game had far-reaching repercussions. “It harms football, it harms Eintracht Frankfurt and it harms our efforts to stand up for the rights of all fans, who would have liked to see a football game here without repression and decrees in the stadium,” emphasized Reschke.

No injuries, three Eintracht fans arrested

The police have confirmed to the club that the attack in the city came from Naples fans. “But even that doesn’t justify the potential for violence that erupted on both sides,” criticized Reschke. According to him, at least no one was injured. The police confirmed this.

According to Reschke, three Eintracht fans were arrested during the night. According to Italian media reports, there were a total of seven arrests. After the violent clashes, the Frankfurt Ultras were largely taken out of the city by Thursday morning.

Reschke also criticized the Italian security authorities, who had contributed to the escalation with the previously issued ticket ban for Eintracht fans. This alienated thousands of followers and poisoned the already tense atmosphere. “Everything was prepared and organized, from the fan meeting point to the transports, etc. This order was exchanged for improvisation and chaos,” said Reschke. “That doesn’t justify anything, but it’s part of the story.”