Five days after his resignation, former Spanish football federation president Luis Rubiales appeared before a judge in Madrid for the first time on Friday over allegations of sexual assault. RubialesĀ held player Jennifer Hermoso’s head with both hands and kissed her on the mouth after the Spanish women’s national team won the World Cup on August 20 in Sydney in front of an audience of millions.

According to the judiciary, Rubiales once again denied all allegations at the hearing on Friday and emphasized that it was a consensual kiss. Hermoso, however, sees the incident as a sexual assault. Prosecutors requested an order that Rubiales not be allowed to approach Hermoso more than 500 meters during the investigation. The judge set the distance at 200 meters. In addition, Rubiales is not allowed to have any contact with Hermoso.

The judge who presided over the preliminary investigation in the case will soon decide whether charges will be filed in the case.

The association boss’s behavior sparked outrage at home and abroad and a crisis in Spanish football. After weeks of wrangling over his position, Rubiales finally announced his resignation as president of the Spanish Football Association on Sunday. The national players announced on Friday that they would continue their strike until comprehensive reforms in the Spanish Football Association follow.