After criticism of the design, the German Football Association has redesigned the look of the number 4 on the national jersey. National player Bibiane Schulze Solano, who was substituted at half-time, wore the jersey with the newly designed number in the DFB team’s 3-2 win against Austria in Linz.

“We are very happy that it still worked, FIFA has already approved it,” said the DFB, referring to the world football association. The German Football Association announced a change last Monday in collaboration with its partner 11teamsports. In view of the short time until the women’s national team’s European Championship qualifier, the work had already started on Tuesday, it was now said.

Last weekend, the sporting goods manufacturer Adidas and the DFB adjusted the sale of jerseys. The back number 44 in the old design was reminiscent of the runes of the Schutzstaffel SS from the National Socialist era. It was no longer possible to personalize the jerseys with your own name and number in the Adidas store on Monday afternoon, and the DFB stopped the delivery of ordered combinations with the 44 in its own online shop.