Carlos Sainz is already imagining what it would be like to finally break Red Bull’s winning streak after 14 races. “It would feel great,” predicted the Spanish Ferrari driver. In the 15th race of this season, which has been dominated almost at will by Max Verstappen and his Red Bull team, it could happen this Sunday (2 p.m. CEST/Sky). “It’s the goal,” said Sainz.

His Ferrari teammate Charles Leclerc finished third in qualifying for the Singapore Grand Prix. George Russell pushed in between them in the Mercedes. The Brit is the last Grand Prix winner to date who does not drive for Red Bull.

Catching up is hardly possible in Singapore

On November 13th last year, Russell won in Brazil. The final in Abu Dhabi went to Verstappen again. Like twelve of the races so far this year. Sergio Pérez won the other two in the second Red Bull.

But the fears that the otherwise superior RB19 would have a hard time on the street circuit with mostly slow and tight corners and would not be able to exploit its aerodynamic advantages came true. But things turned out to be even worse than expected for Verstappen and Pérez. They missed the top ten on the starting grid and have to tackle the Grand Prix, which Verstappen has never won, from eleventh and thirteenth place. “I don’t think we can do much,” said Verstappen.

A catch-up, as he has successfully shown on other tracks, is hardly possible on the Marina Bay Street Circuit. “To be able to overtake, you have to be much faster and I think that’s not us. It’s a shocking experience,” emphasized the spoiled Dutchman, who has a lead of 145 points over his second-placed teammate Pérez in the classification, at least not has to worry about winning the title. But probably about the end of his and the Red Bull series.