DFB referee boss Lutz Michael Fröhlich sharply criticized the behavior of Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann after the 2: 3 at Borussia Mönchengladbach.

“I find it profoundly disrespectful to use the term “pack”, no matter what perspective you take on a situation. That’s where the referee’s understanding ends,” said Fröhlich at Sport1.

“Soft rinse pack”

After the final whistle, Nagelsmann had severely criticized referee Tobias Welz for the early red card against Dayot Upamecano from Munich. The statement “softened pack” was also made, as the Bayern coach admitted in the ZDF interview: “Yes, but I don’t always mean the referees.”

The 35-year-old later apologized on social networks for his choice of words, which he says he went too far. The control committee of the German Football Association has now initiated investigations against Nagelsmann.

“It’s not about punishment for me, that’s not my topic at all. It’s about much more: How do you deal with different perspectives and opinions? And how do you deal with decisions that don’t meet your own expectations? Where Is that supposed to lead to bigger headlines and conflicts?” added Fröhlich and had some advice ready for Nagelsmann: “Just take a deep breath, pause and don’t always use the public stage to present yourself and your perspective as the only one correct representation.”