Fredi Bobic commented on the rumors about Oliver Bierhoff’s successor at the DFB. The Hertha sports director admitted that the speculation would move him. He doesn’t want to rule anything out.

After the renewed World Cup debacle, something has to be done at the DFB. After the departure of Oliver Bierhoff, the association is looking for a successor. A dual leadership is also currently being traded.

Fredi Bobic is said to be among the hottest candidates. The 51-year-old was a 37-time national player himself and won the European Championship title in 1996. Since the summer of 2021, Bobic has been working as Managing Director Sport at Hertha Berlin, where he is still under contract until 2024.

Before the World Cup quarter-finals Croatia against Brazil, Bobic was asked about the supposed interest of the DFB on Magenta TV. “It is of course the case that it does something to you. That goes without saying and is also very clear,” admitted Bobic. But Hertha BSC is “my main focus, that’s my most important focus that I currently have”.

However, he did not rule out a job with the association. “That’s how it is in football.” He knows “how dynamic a football business can be,” said Bobic. “If I’m asked for advice, I’ll be happy to comment,” he continued.

“The content must always be in the foreground,” demanded Bobic. The Hertha sports director was not more specific. So it remains completely open whether the DFB sees its desired solution in the 51-year-old. And whether Bobic would leave Hertha for a post at the association.

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