In everyday life, he may be extremely annoying, but for a fetus in the womb is a survival hiccups important Reflex. It prevents fruit water penetrates into the lungs of the Unborn and protecting it from Drowning. Although we will not need the Reflex later, he accompanies us for a lifetime.

If alcohol, cigarette smoke or spicy food the stomach can irritate, transmits this irritation to the diaphragm. It is tense and triggers the hiccups. The result is that We breathe in with a jerk. Almost at the same time, the vocal chords close the larynx. The air has no longer access to the lungs. It’s the typical “Hicks”is created According to the.But now sugar cube, a decent scare or a glass of water in small SIPS: The hiccup applied the recipes all have in common is that they distract us, plain and simple. So can calm down the diaphragm and in the normal case, we breathe, a little later, again facilitated.

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