First, the Plan of the Soviet military seemed to be working: As at 24. In June 1948, Berlin was like an island in the middle of the Soviet occupation of the territory from the outside world sections, were the food out quickly, even in the Western zones, occupied by the French, the Americans and the British. Your goal, the expulsion of the Western allies from the city, close to seems to be a few days after the beginning of the Blockade to the Attack.

raisins bombs from the air

But then everything is different. There are men like General William H. Tunner of the US Airforce, with which the Soviet strategists in the Kremlin could not be expected. Tunner is not the end of the 1940s, already a legend in the U.S. army. The experienced logisticians had during the 2. World war, the supply of allies, Chinese troops by air bridge over the Himalayas organized.

As you ask him in 1948 if he is able to supply Berlin from the air, he replies: “My men and I can carry anything at any time anywhere.” He was right. Tunner had 403 transport aircraft, which were called by the Berliners affectionately call it “raisin bomber”. The perfectionist Tunner from working on a tightly scheduled Plan. To avoid delays, had the pilots in Berlin Tempelhof exactly one attempt to land. This failed and they had to repent and “do”.

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the 4,500 Short Tons a day (a Short tone corresponded to 907,2 kg) were needed to supply Berlin. Tunner made with his Crew up to 12,500 Short Tons per day. All of 62 seconds, a cargo plane lands in this case in Tempelhof. A record that was broken by any airport in the world. The air bridge makes the Soviet Blockade to collapse. It is the first victory of the West over Stalin.

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