In part two of a three part mini-series “When the puppy comes home” is it sensitive. Dog expert, Sarah Nowak and Mike Kleiß appeal to the good sense of the new dog-parents. “I just don’t understand why people get the idea that puppy to want to force educate. Since the dog is turned to the back, possibly defeated. What do you want?” Sarah asks.

Mike Kleiß has been working for 30 years with dogs, and knows all other cases: “The dog should be the best from day one housebroken. And since every means is right. Even turf on the balcony.”! There is much to discuss in “The don’t want to play”.

part two of the mini-series has a clear message to all new dog owners: not too much to ask from the dogs Baby! Not too much to ask of you.

The Podcast

Mike Kleiss

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