2 seconds. It was all, there had to be an Italian woman named Francesca Tajé, when she a few weeks ago and sat on the tilskuerrækkerne.

during the showdown between Juventus and AC Milan a few weeks ago and would fate it to the camera with Sky Sports Italia, coincidentally, saw the 21-year-old fan.

Away from the stack of. For the two seconds skærmtid meant that the fans now had gone on the hunt to find the name of the woman. And to the last there was bingo!

According to numerous media outlets, including Marca, ended up Francesca Tajé so to go viral, and over the night, she could see his følgerskare on Instagram increase from around 25,000 followers to the whole of the 76,000, writes Yahoo Artemisbet Sports. Today that number has risen to 108.000 followers.

After the fight, she could rejoice over a victory of 1-0, but I wonder if she was happy other than just the three points. Subsequently, she was certainly quick to send out a thank you to the tv channel:

‘Always at your side, Juventus. Thanks to Sky Sports,’ she writes to the image of her who blurted out in all the tv rooms.

The 21-year-old Italian studying, according to her biography on Instagram at a university in Milan, as it is evident that she is a big fan of storholdet Juventus.

As a fan she has also a part to enjoy in the moment. Saturday won her team again, as they are without superstar Cristiano Ronaldo defeated Atalanta 3-1. The topper thus the Series A.