the Crowd at Etihad Stadium were witnesses to the boring scenes after 67 minutes of the otherwise fast-paced match between Manchester City and Manchester United.

Here was the shouted something reminiscent of abelyde against the two Manchester United players Jesse Lingard and Peace.

the Fight was short lived disruption, as it was, it happened.

the Incident has got Manchester City to publish an opinion after the match on the club’s website.

“Manchester City is aware of a video posted on social media, where it seems that a fan performs racerelaterede movements (racial gestures, red.) during the second half of the match against Manchester United,” writes the club, to inform, to cooperate with the police to identify the culprits.

“the Club operates a zero tolerance policy towards discrimination of any kind, and all of which, being found guilty of racist insults, will be banned from the club forever.”

the Incident has also led the users to rage on social media, and you can read a selection of some of the reactions here:

Racism is a disgrace and does not belong in football or in some other places!The City fans who carried out the racist violations should be banned for life from ANY football stadium and have the pictures slammed out on the internet, so everyone they know can see their true colors.Get the racist-moron banned! You can’t blame it on the alcohol. You can’t blame it on the rivalry. The man is a racist. There is no place for racism in our game.Twitter, it’s time to find the guy who calls the Peace of a monkey.