FC Barcelona lost in the semifinals to eventual winner Liverpool. Spanish club the topper, however, CL-pengelisten.

Liverpool won in last season’s Champions League, but the club did not score the greatest economic gain.

It is apparent from the distribution of the prize money, as The union of European Football associations (Uefa) on Thursday has published.

FC Barcelona got about 50 million more out of the efforts than Liverpool.

The Spanish club paid to 117.7 million euro (880 million dollars), while Liverpool got 111,1 million euros (830 million euros).

Liverpool manager J├╝rgen Klopps crew beat otherwise Barcelona out in the semi-final and later won over the English rival Tottenham in the final.

Tottenham earned 101.6 million euros (760 million dollars) in the Champions League in the last season.

total amount paid in Uefa prize money for the 1977 million euro (14,8 billion) in last season’s edition of the Champions League.

FC Copenhagen participated as the only Danish club in the group stage of the Europa League in the 2018/19 season, where the team went out after the group stage. This year has FCK struggled on.

The european action sent in last season 8,7 million euro (65,3 million) down in FCK’s klubkasse.