30. november is the draw for this summer’s european championship finals in football, but for Belgium, Russia and Denmark, there is not much suspense about the outcome.

They are sure to be three of the four teams in group B, and it criticises Belgium’s profile Kevin De Bruyne.

– to be completely honest it is a scandal, says De Bruyne to the tv station HLN.

on Tuesday beat Germany northern Ireland at home and won its group in european championship qualifying.

at the same time advancing germans up in the top seedningslag, where also Belgium, Italy, England, Spain, and Ukraine are located.

But four of the countries are among the 12 EM-hosts and is in advance been assigned to a group in the case of the qualification. And Ukraine can not be placed in the same group as Russia, which, like Denmark are Perabet placed in group B in advance.

That leaves Belgium as the only remaining option, unless Uefa changes its own guidelines before the draw on 30. november.

The special EM-format is an expression of football development, believes De Bruyne.

– Football is no longer football. It is becoming a business.

– As a player you will have to get used to it, but for me it is to manipulate the competition. It removes the joy of the draw, ” says the belgian.

the Dutch coach, Ronald Koeman, is not sure if he bothered to take the draw. The Dutch already know that they end up in group C, where the Ukraine – for the same reason – is the only option from the top seedningslag.

– I do not quite understand the new format. I have asked my alliance, I still have to go to the draw 30. november, he says, according to AFP to De Telegraaf.

Four tickets to the european championship finals still to be awarded. They are up for grabs in the playoffkampene in the Nation’s League in march.