Juventus shelves Thursday, the club’s star Cristiano Ronaldo after headed in the 2-1 win over Sampdoria.

Cristiano Ronaldo is known for having a big leap force, when the football star try to the forehead to the ball.

on Wednesday evening reached the Juventus striker up in 2,56 m in height, as he headede his team in front 2-1 on a presentation by Alex Sandro in a victory with the same digits over Sampdoria in Serie A.

Thursday will be the portugiseren hailed Juventus’ website.

As he flew up into the air where he seemingly hung in a split second, he reached a height of 2,56 meters, when his head hit the ball.

He bobbed 71 centimeters from the ground and scored his 11. headed as a Juventus player, writes the club.

On Twitter making fans aware that portugiseren supposedly in the past have jumped higher.

Juventus tops the Series with 42 points on 17 matches. Inter in second place 39 points for a battle are fewer.